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Venture to Metroville for your upcoming party when you add our incredibly fun Incredibles party supplies! Invite Bob Helen Parr and the rest of their “Supers” family to your special occasion with our Incredibles balloons, Incredibles decorations, colorful tableware and more. Make your birthday or other big day simply incredible with the help of our fantastic Incredibles party supplies!
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The Incredibles Party Supplies, The Incredibles Party Decorations

Want to have an incredible birthday party? Well then, of course you’re going to want to include all of our amazing Incredibles party supplies! Incredibles balloons, Incredibles party decorations and other exciting party items are the perfect way to set up your Incredibles party for your big day. Plan ahead and create a wonderful Incredibles party atmosphere with the addition of our cool selection of Incredibles party supplies!

The Incredibles Birthday Party and Party Ideas

This is a fun tale of an ordinary family with extraordinary superpowers. Much like other superheroes, The Incredibles have everyday alter-egos for real world activities and keep their superpowers hidden from the rest of the world. The parents - Mr. and Mrs. Incredible - are the world's premier superheroes who are trying to live a normal life, but they soon find themselves and their children thrust back into action when duty calls. A party featuring this fantastic family is sure to be a fun one, and we'd like to share the following suggestions:

Incredibles Cake

The movie is popular enough to have many different bakeries keep images of the characters on hand to screen onto a sheet cake if need be. Call around locally to see if any nearby venues can print The Incredibles onto a cake for your child, and see what the pricing levels look like. If that isn't an option, a simple cake with red, black, and yellow icing to resemble the superhero costumes from the movie would be a great, eye-catching alternative!

Incredibles Cookies/Cupcakes

Additionally, you can opt to frost cookies or cupcakes of your choice with the red, yellow, and black colors that The Incredibles wear to fight crime. This is a terrific way to add different flavors to your spread of refreshments without a huge investment of time or money, so consider this as an option if you have a number of finicky eaters or special dietary requests.

Incredibles Screening

In order to get all the kids familiar with The Incredibles, have a screening party with the refreshments of your choice. Once all of the kids have had a chance to watch the movie, you can then begin the next activity.

Character Discussions/What If?

In the movie, The Incredibles all have to pretend that their superpowers don't exist in their day to day lives. If they were born with superpowers like the kids in the movie, what would they do differently? Do they think that it was a mistake for Mr. and Mrs. Incredible to try to lead ordinary lives while hiding their powers from the world? What could they have done differently? You can also give the kids some crayons, paper, and pencils in order to write a few lines about what they might have done differently in the same circumstances, and to illustrate their story when they're done. Each child can read their story aloud for a very entertaining time!


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