Ice Age Party Supplies, Ice Age Party Favors

Ice Age party supplies are a great way to let you relive your love of all of the Ice Age movies at your next birthday party or other exciting celebration. Ice Age party favors, cupcake rings and/or other fun Ice Age party stuff will liven up your party setting, dress up your cupcakes and send your guests home with smiles. Make your next party an Ice Age adventure with the addition of our wonderful selection of Ice Age party supplies!

Ice Age Birthday Party Food and Activity Ideas

For little fans of this touching cartoon that finds a wooly mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger, and a sloth attempting to find the parents of an abandoned human baby, an Ice Age themed party can prove to be a big success! There are plenty of foods, toys, and other activities that can capture the imagination and the feel of the film quite well at home, with a few suggestions as follows:


For an icy treat with a sweet tang, try this classic confection on for size! The flavored syrup for sno-cones is easy to find at many large retail stores, and can be ordered online, as well. Crush some ice in a blender, scoop some into a cup or bowl, and drizzle with the flavor of each child's choice. This is a great way to put a twist on some traditional party refreshments, making the party a memorable one for all in attendance!

Ice Cream

If sno-cones are a little more time-consuming than you might like, ice cream is a great standby treat! With blue, light brown, and yellow being the primary colors used in the promotional materials for the Ice Age movie, serving chocolate, french vanilla, and Blue Moon ice cream is a great way to pay a tasty homage to the film!

Trivia Games

Create a set of trivia questions about both the Ice Age movie and the actual historic Ice Age itself, and see who can answer the most questions correctly. If the party's a larger one, you can break the kids up into groups in order to make things easier and fairer for everyone involved. To make things less chaotic, you can offer each child a sheet of paper and a pencil, and have them write their names at the top. Number the trivia questions accordingly, and have the kids (or groups) write down their answer for each question once it has been asked. You can then offer a little favor or treat to the winning child or team.

Character Discussions

If all of the children present have had a chance to see the Ice Age movie, have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. You can then ask each child in the circle who their favorite movie character is, and why. This is a great way to get the party started, and a fun way to find out about the kids in attendance as well!


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