Hunger Games Party Supplies

Our Hunger Games party supplies will help bring the world of Panem alive for your Hunger Games birthday party, movie night or other special occasion! Mix and match our colorful tableware, Hunger game cupcake rings, decorations and more to match the fire and metal of the districts. Bring excitement and style to your get-together with the addition of our fantastic Hunger Games party supplies!
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Hunger Games Party Supplies, Hunger Games Cupcake Rings

Enter the exciting, yet desperate, world of Panem with the help of our fantastic Hunger Games party supplies! Whether you’re planning a movie night, Katniss styled birthday party, or some other special occasion, your Hunger Games will love our selection of Hunger Games styled favors, cupcake rings and other fun Hunger Games stuff. May the odds be ever in your favor at your Hunger Games celebration as you decorate in district fashion with the help of our thrilling Hunger Games party supplies.

Hunger Games Trivia Fun!

For your future Hunger Games gathering, one fun and inexpensive activity you can introduce is Hunger Games trivia. What’s Hunger Games trivia? Well, it probably works best with your most ravenous Hunger Games fans, but it’s very simple. Simply compile a list of fun trivia questions based on the books or movies and make a game out of them. Ask your guests questions about Hunger Games and see who can answer the most correctly. Create teams, or ask each guest individually. Reward the winners with a handful of Hunger Games party favors or some other prize.

Even if you don’t want to put together a Hunger Games trivia competition, you can still throw up a few trivia questions for fun and decoration. Place the question around your party on colorful paper to get people talking. Or, write them on the backs of party plates for guests to discover. It’s a fun and relatively easy way to add character and decoration to your Hunger Games birthday or other special occasion. Below are a few examples to get you started:

What district is Katniss from, and what resource is it known for?

Katniss is from District 12 which is known for its coal production.

What is the name of the television host in Hunger Games?

The television host is Caesar Flickerman.

What is the name of the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy?

The third and final book of The Hunger Games Trilogy is Mockingjay.

What is a mockingjay?

A mockingjay is a fictional bird in The Hunger Games. A pin featuring the mockingjay is given to Katniss by her district’s mayor’s daughter.

When will the next Hunger Games film adaptation be released?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is scheduled to open in theaters on November 22, 2013.

Have a Great Time at Your Hunger Games Party!

The Hunger Games book series and movie (soon to be movies) paint a compelling, yet anxious picture of a future country that has lost itself. Yet, through it all strong characters like Katniss and others demonstrate a resilience and strength that are admirable. If you or your loved ones love The Hunger Games, what better way to celebrate a birthday, movie night, book party or other Hunger Games gathering than with our fantastic Hunger Games party supplies? You and your guests will love venturing into the exciting world of Panem with the help of our wonderful selection of Hunger Games birthday supplies and other themed products.


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