Hoops and Yoyo Party Supplies, Hoops and Yoyo Balloons

Looking for some adorable Hoops and Yoyo party supplies? Well, you can find them here! Our Hoops and Yoyo balloons, party favors, decorations, tableware and other birthday items are a wonderful way to start your party right. Make your Hoops and Yoyo themed party the best it can be with the assistance of our wonderful Hoops and Yoyo party supplies!

Hoops and Yoyo Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a Hoops and Yoyo party for some unforgettable fun with two unforgettable cartoon characters. What is not to love about these two happy, funny, creatures? One is a pink cat and one is a green rabbit. It is no wonder that they are a hit with the kids. These fun ideas will help make it seem like the kids are with Hoops and Yoyo the whole time.


Hoops and Yoyo Cookies: Top some sugar cookies with edible Hoops and Yoyo toppers for some fun and colorful treats. Kids can choose their favorite character before they sit down to enjoy a sweet snack.

Candy Bar: Make a mini candy buffet with M&Ms, jelly beans, etc. in the colors of pink and lime green just like Hoops and Yoyo. Not only will it look cool and will the kids love the obvious color scheme, they can take part in an amazing candy bar. Every kid loves a wide selection of candy.

Jell-O Jigglers: Cut out letters from green or pink colored Jell-O that spell “Hoops and Yoyo” and set them out on the table for everyone to see. They will love this creative take on Jell-O and they will love the taste, too.


Hoops and Yoyo Uno: You can purchase a deck of Uno cards with Hoops and Yoyo on the back of each card. The kids will love this fun game, because it will help them to build strategy and will create some healthy competition.

Party Masks: You can find print out masks of Hoops and Yoyo. Print them out on sturdy paper and then cut them out. Ask each child to choose their own mask and then help them put it on with string. They will have goofing around and pretending they are one of the two characters. Then, ask them what their favorite Hoops and Yoyo episode is to help settle them down again.

Drawing Contest: Ask everyone to draw Hoops and Yoyo doing something funny. When the time comes to judge the best drawing, tell everyone that they did a wonderful job and give each kid a sticker to put on their own creation. Everyone will have a blast doing this one.


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