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Looking for a way to throw a Family Guy themed birthday party or other gathering? Our Family Guy party supplies are a great place to start. Amusing Family Guy balloons, decorations, and other cool stuff will add a lot of fun to your big day. Make your Family Guy event a little more spectacular when you include our wonderful Family Guy party supplies!

Family Guy Trivia Fun!

So, you’re planning a Family Guy themed birthday party or other celebration? One way to add to your get-together’s decorations and create a kind of party activity is to include some Family Guy trivia just for fun. Trivia questions and answers can be placed around the party using colored paper (make the answers the same color as the questions they belong to) or other materials. You can even place questions and answers on the backs of your party plates, on the bottom of cups or elsewhere. If you’d like, you can even make a game out of it by rewarding the guests with the most correct answers. There’s a million ways you can incorporate Family Guy trivia into your party planning. Just keep it light-hearted, have fun with it and your guests should have a good time as well. Below are some examples to help get you started.

Seth McFarlane developed two animated films prior to Family Guy. These films would eventually evolve into the Family Guy. What were the names of these two films?

The two films developed before Family Guy that would lead to Family Guy were The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve. And, yes Peter Griffin and his dog Brian were originally named Larry and Steve.

After what season was Family Guy cancelled before being brought back 3 years later?

Family Guy was cancelled after its third season in 2001. It was brought back 3 years later (in 2004) after strong DVD sales and strong rerun ratings made the network take another look.

What is Peter Griffin’s neighbor Glenn Quagmire’s profession?

Glenn Quagmire is an airline pilot.

What is the name of Carter Pewterschmidt’s company?

Carter Pewterschmidt’s company is named Pewterschmidt Industries.

What actor voices Joe and Bonnie Swanson’s daughter Susie’s thoughts?

Actor Patrick Stewart voices the thoughts of Susie Swanson.

Given all of the episodes and characters in Family Guy, there are a million fun facts or trivia questions that you can come up with for your Family Guy celebration. Just keep it light-hearted and have a good time with it, and your guests should have fun also. And, don’t forget to include our fantastic Family Guy party supplies to make your party look spectacular.


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