El Chavo Party Supplies, El Chavo Balloons

If you’ve got a fan of El Chavo in your household, you’ll love our entertaining and colorful El Chavo party supplies! Hang some fun El Chavo balloons, decorate you walls with El Chavo decorations and dress up your tables with our colorful tableware. Your El Chavo party setting is sure to look great when you add our fun and exciting El Chavo party supplies!

El Chavo Birthday Party Ideas

Make your child’s birthday party even more fantastic by bringing Chavo, Gloria, and Quico into attendance. Your El Chavo party setting will be even more exciting once you add some themed snacks and fun activities to the day, transporting them to a fun Mexican party.


El Chavo Party Bags: Fill these fun bags with yummy Mexican inspired treats and hand to each child after they have built up an appetite playing games. They will have fun trying out some treats that they are not used to eating.

Taco Salad: Bring some festive fun to the party with a salad that all of the kids will love. Mix crunchy corn chips with grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, peppers, etc. Put a sign next to it that says “Chavo loves taco salad”.

Salsa & Chips: Keep up the fun Mexican vibe by serving chips with nachos and salsa of differing spice levels. The kids will have fun seeing how spicy they can go and the bravest ones will surely obtain some bragging rights. Have a fun sign next to the nacho bowl saying, “Gloria wants to see how spicy you can go.”


Pinata Fun: Take a cue from the Mexicans and give all of the kids a chance to whack at a brightly colored piñata until it bursts with wrapped candy or other prizes. This is an activity that Chavo would have thought up himself.

Dance Competition: Have each child wear a sombrero and then create their own dance while you play some festive music. This one is sure to create a lot of laughter and will also spark their creativity as they think of their own Mexican dance moves.

Pass the Sombrero: Similar to “Pass the orange”, this Mexican version of the game will be a lot of fun for all the kids. To play, tuck the sombrero under the chin and then pass it along the line to the next person, using only your chins to take it and then pass it again. The winner is the last one who does not drop the sombrero. This one will definitely be an interesting challenge.

El Chavo Coloring: After everyone has burned out some of their energy, show them a table of coloring pages and crayons and let them sit and color their favorite characters from El Chavo. Plus, they will have a nice little keepsake to take home with them after the party.


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