Dino Dan Party Supplies, Dino Dan Party Favors

Dino Dan is off on another imaginative adventure, only this time he’s headed your way. Make your birthday party or other get-together a little more fun with our amazing Dino Dan party supplies and Dino Dan party favors. Spread these wonderful dinosaur themed party items around your setup to create the perfect prehistoric atmosphere. You and your guests will have a wonderful time with the help of these terrific Dino Dan party supplies.

Dino Dan Birthday Party Ideas

Just like Dam Anderson, your child and their guests will be able to see dinosaurs everywhere at this fun party. There is probably nothing more excited to young kids than dinosaurs, especially if you make the whole room or yard look like a prehistoric jungle. This theme will always be a winner.


Volcano Cake: This one is sure to draw a lot of attention and stares. Make a cake in the shape of a volcano. Use dark icing and then top it with orange or red “lava”. Everyone will love staring at it, not to mention eating it.

Dinosaur Sandwiches: Use dinosaur shaped cookie cutters and to make fun shapes out of sandwiches. Ordinary sandwiches will taste so much better when they are in fun dinosaur shapes. Dino Dan would be impressed, too.

Dinosaur Ice Cubes: Serve drinks with dinosaur ice cubes for a fun twist on the Dino Dan theme. Have a sign next to the pitcher or punch bowl saying “Dinosaur Creek Water” or something of that nature to gain a lot of interest and spike the guest’ imaginations.


Dinosaur Draw: Have each child draw their favorite dinosaur and then show it to everyone when they are done. Have them describe why it is their favorite dinosaur. This is one topic that kids will always have a lot of fun talking about. Then, they can take it home as a memory of the fun they had at the party.

Dinosaur Trivia: This will be a great game for Dino Dan fans. Make up cards – or buy some – that have dinosaur trivia questions. It will be both fun and educational for the guests. The winner gets a Dino Dan DVD or a package of Dino Dan stickers.

Dinosaur Charades: Be prepared for a lot of laughter and fun with this timed game of charades. Everyone will have the chance to act out a dinosaur, without anyone else knowing what type it is, and then they will have to guess which one they are before the time runs out.

Dinosaur “Eggs”: Have a table set up where there are egg-shaped stones and rocks that have been cleaned and dried. Put some different paint colors at the table and then show the kids. Tell them that they can decorate their own “fossilized” dinosaur eggs and take them home as a favor. Everyone will highly enjoy this crafty and fun activity.


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