Daniel Tiger Party Supplies

Daniel Tiger party supplies will send you and your party guests on a charming trip back to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Bring Daniel Tiger's family home to yours when you invite Daniel, Mom Tiger, Daniel Striped Tiger, Margaret and all their friends to your gathering. Make your little one’s day a little more tiger-ific with the addition of our adorable Daniel Tiger party supplies!
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  • King Gold Crowns (Each)

    King Gold Crowns (Each)

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    Special Price Our Price: $1.99

  • Plush Cats (Each)

    Plush Cats (Each)

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  • Fuzzy Plush Owls (Each)

    Fuzzy Plush Owls (Each)

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  • Railroad Track Table Runners (Each)

    Railroad Track Table Runners (Each)

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Solid tableware

4 Item(s)

Daniel Tiger Party Supplies, Daniel Tiger Party Decorations

Daniel Tiger party supplies are a cute way to decorate your upcoming celebration in adorable make-believe style. Invite your gang into the world of Mr. Rogers with a return to his Neighborhood and his charming cast of characters. Your little ones will love the sense of fun adventure you create with our fantastic Daniel Tiger decorations, Daniel Tiger party favors, our vibrant tableware and other exciting Daniel Tiger party supplies!

A Tribute to Mr. Rogers

Did you know that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood was created as a sort of tribute to the legacy of Mister Rogers and the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? It’s true. In fact, it was a few years after Fred Rogers passed away (in 2006) that The Fred Rogers Company began working with PBS on a television show aimed at such a tribute. Eventually, the result would be Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood which premiered on PBS in September, 2012. It closely follows the teaching of Fred Rogers in the area of child development.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Characters

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features a number of lovable characters that your little ones will be sure to enjoy. You’ve got his parents and other family members in the Tiger family, and there’s also some other families in the neighborhood like the Cat family, Royal family, Owl family, Museum-Go-Round family. There’re even a few more friends you’ll meet, including baker Aker, Teacher Harriet and others. Below is a quick summary of some of our favorites:

  • Daniel Tiger - Daniel resides on Jungle Beach with his mom (Mom Tiger), dad (Daniel Striped Tiger, “Dad"), grandpere (French for grandpa) and his sister Margaret. Daniel has a stuffed tiger that he loves named “Tigey” and he loves wearing a certain red cardigan and red shoes that might remind you of what Fred Rogers wore.

  • Katerina Kittycat - Katerina lives in her treehouse next door to O the Owl with her mother Henrietta. She loves to dance whenever she can.

  • O the Owl - Living in his own treehouse next door to Katerina’s treehouse, O likes to say “Hoo Hoo!”. He lives with his uncle “X”.

  • Prince Wednesday - Prince Wednesday lives in a castle with his royal family King Friday XXIII (his dad), Queen Sara (his mom), Prince Tuesday (his older brother) and Chrissie (his cousin).

  • Baker Aker - Baker Aker runs the local bakery.

  • Teacher Harriet - Harriet is the neighborhood’s schoolteacher.

  • Trolley - This red trolley is a throwback to the original trolley in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He takes Daniel and his friends all around the neighborhood.

Have a Wonderful Daniel Tiger Birthday Party!

Have a wonderful Daniel Tiger birthday party or other celebration with the addition of all our favorite Daniel Tiger party supplies! Whether decorating with our cute Daniel Tiger decorations and/or giving away Daniel Tiger party favors at the end of your event, you’ll love everything we have to offer. Have a great time and a wonderful get-together with all our fantastic Daniel Tiger birthday supplies!


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