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Planning on throwing a Croods themed birthday party? Perhaps you’re just looking for something exciting and fun to add to your movie night get-together? Colorful Croods party decorations, cool Croods party favors, and entertaining Croods cups, plates, napkins and other tableware will make your Croods party really spectacular! Have a great time on your big Croods themed day when you add our wonderful Croods party supplies!

Croods Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a Croods themed birthday party is a great way to relive the popular Dreamworks film. Your child can celebrate his or her party along with the entire Grug clan and take a break from the regular old school days and take a trip to the caveman days. This one is sure to make their special day memorable and create a lot of fun for their guests.

Food Fit For a Crood

Chicken Wings and Nuggets: Place a sign next to the chicken wings and chicken nuggets saying “Caveman Snacks”. The kids can pretend that the chicken is another beast from the Stone Age as they munch away.

Croods Cupcakes: Cupcakes are a great staple for any party. Decorate their wrappers with stickers of characters from Croods. Put a sign next to the cupcakes saying, “Prehistoric Mud Cakes.” The guests will love the theme and they will also have fun pretending that they are eating a caveman mud cake.

Leaf Snacks: Fill artificial leaves with candy or other snacks, just like how a caveperson might have done. The kids will like the caveman feel of eating out of a leaf rather than from a bowl, and it will help keep the theme alive.

Caveman Activities

Caveman Treasure Hunt: Send your little cave people on a treasure hunt that will create a memorable day of adventure. Create a map ahead of time and then hide some interesting Croods related treasures (Or other prehistoric themed goodies) for them to discover on their excursion (Use small things such as stickers, playing cards, etc.).

Stone Throw: Kids that lived in the caveman days did not have bean bags to throw and toss. They threw stones instead! Have kids throw stones into pails. Allow them three chances to get the stones in. Those who get them in win a prize of something Croods or caveman related. If they do not get them in, give them another few chances to prove themselves.

Croods Charades: Everyone can have a chance to act out a Croods character by playing a fun game of charades. In this game, no one knows what person or animal the actor is trying to act out, so they get to guess only from their motions and actions. No talking allowed in this game! The person that guesses the right character gets to go next.


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