Cookie Party Supplies

Cookie party supplies are a tasty looking and fun way to decorate your next birthday party, baking party, cooking get-together or other cookie themed special occasion. Your guests will love this warm cookie theme found on these wonderful cookie plates, cups and other charming tableware. Make your party a delicious cookie party with the help of our fantastic cookie party supplies!
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Cookie Party Supplies, Cookie Party Favors

Cookie party supplies are a wonderful to any cake themed get-together! Host a baking party and hand out your cookies on these tasty looking cookie plates, cookie cups, napkins and other cookie tableware. Or, mix some batter and bake some cookies as a fun party activity for your birthday or family night. Whatever you decide to use these cookie party supplies for, you and your guests will love the smiles on everyone’s faces when they enjoy some party treats in true cookie style!

Cookie Birthday Party Ideas

When you have a little baby crawling or running around the house, a cookie themed birthday party is the ideal thing to do. Babies at that age love to eat and scramble cookies all over the place and so a cookie party would make them very happy for the moment. Bring in some of your own creativity into the party and you will be able to do a very good job.


The cookie barrel: A nice idea that I landed at was of a cookie barrel. For this, all you need is a barrel complete with a lid and all. Now the barrel that you have bought needs to be big as this is the whole purpose. Bake a few cookies and place them all over the lid of the barrel. This is a brilliant idea as no matter how much time you give, you can’t really bake so many cookies that they fill a barrel. And besides, they would go to waste even if you gave them away as party favors!

Birthday sign: Place balloons and streamers all around the house and make a cookie birthday banner. If you wish, you can even buy these online from stores and get them delivered to your door step for convenience. But remember, whatever you do, there needs to be a cookie in there.


Become the cookie monster: For this theme, you need to bake, bake and bake all day. And even if you have baked so much, you will need to get some more cookies from the bakery as well. The kids at the birthday bash are going to be cookie monsters and so you need to provide them with as many cookies as you can. Have at least 7-8 different kinds of cookies, put them in a jar and label them.

Milk: What else goes better with cookies? When you are holding a cookie themed party, it will not be fair on the kids to rob them of the milk. Have a variety of plain, chocolate, strawberry and banana milk so the kids can drink as much as they want.


Pizza cookie: No, for this activity you do not bake pizza dough and ask the kids to decorate it with sweets things. But instead, you make simple but very huge cookie dough and then ask the kids to decorate it. Remember that the decoration table must have things like candy jellies, almond shavings, and other cookie toppers.


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