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Clown party supplies will help create a wonderful circus atmosphere for your upcoming celebration. Of course, you never want your party planning to be a circus, and that’s why this clown inspired tableware, clown party decorations and other party items are great. All of our colorful clown party supplies will help make your party planning a snap, and your circus get-together a success.
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Clown Party Supplies, Clown Birthday Party

Throwing a clown birthday party? Maybe you’re planning a day around a trip to the circus? Our clown party supplies are the perfect addition to your special occasion. Enjoy some authentic circus fare on our colorful party plates, hang some clown party decorations to add to the atmosphere, and give away some cool clown party favors to your guests at the end of the day! Help make your next clown birthday party a huge success with the addition of our wonderful clown party supplies!

Clown Birthday Party Ideas

One of the most enduringly popular symbols of childhood and fun throughout the Western world would have to be a clown. Great for young kids, this is a fun and versatile party theme that lends itself well to all kinds of terrific activities, treats, and more! Some of our favorite ideas for a clown-themed party include:

Clown Ice Cream Sundaes

Many different ice cream parlors offer a different twist on this classic confection, but it's so much more fun to make on your own! Make sure that each child has a small bowl with a scoop of ice cream for the clown's “head,” and add an upside-down sugar cone on top to give him a hat. All sorts of candies can be used to give the clown a face, such as licorice for a smile, cherries for the nose and/or eyes, gumdrops, Reese's Pieces, chocolate kisses, and so much more. Make sure that everyone has enough candy to make a clown face on their sundae, and they'll be sure to love creating and eating their clown!

Hire a Clown

If you have a bit of extra cash, search the web for clowns for hire that can perform at children's birthday parties. Many clowns can make balloon animals, perform fun magic tricks, and juggle for the amusement of the little ones for a pre-determined period of time. Search the web for a reliable and fun clown in your area, and the little ones should be delighted!

Face Painting

Gather together some non-toxic face paints – which are usually easy to find at costume and party supply stores, and paint the children's faces to look like clowns. If you have a little one who doesn't want their entire face to be painted, you can ask if they would prefer a small design on their cheek, instead. You could also opt to purchase several red clown noses, as well; kids often love wearing these props for a laugh!


While many professional clowns make this look easy, juggling is actually a fairly difficult activity for most people to master. Look up a YouTube video that illustrates the basic principles of juggling for beginners, and offer the kids in attendance some soft objects to practice with. They'll start to see how hard it is to master skills like these in short order, and should have a lot of fun trying their hand at juggling overall!


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