Caterpillar Party Supplies

Caterpillar party supplies are a great way to decorate your upcoming birthday party or other caterpillar themed extravaganza. Seriously, there are very few other themes as cute as a colorful caterpillar theme for your little one’s special day. Dress up your party tables and elsewhere in charming caterpillar style with the help of our wonderful caterpillar party supplies!
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  • Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

    Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

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  • Bug Party Signs - 12in x 18in (Each)

    Bug Party Signs - 12in x 18in (Each)

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  • Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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Caterpillar Party Supplies, Caterpillar Party Decorations

Caterpillar party supplies are a whimsical way to add color and fun to your birthday party setup. Our cute caterpillar themed tableware, caterpillar decorations, caterpillar party favors and other caterpillar styled party items will get your party started in an adorable direction. Whether you’ve got a birthday party, family night, summer party or some other event to plan for, you’ll love getting started with the help of our fantastic caterpillar party supplies.

Caterpillar Birthday Party Ideas

If you are looking for a theme for your child’s upcoming birthday, then you should start considering the option of a caterpillar themed party. This sort of a theme is especially recommended for babies that are under five because the colorful caterpillars will capture their attention. When you have the decorations, food and activities according to one theme, it helps to make the occasion memorable for your child and the guests. Even though the caterpillar theme is more of a young children’s theme, it can also be adapted to fit older children.


Transform your home into a garden: The caterpillar theme party will work best if it has been arranged in a backyard garden that is full of grass. But if you do not have the luxury of such a backyard, you can still do a pretty good job indoors as well. But some shiny green paper and make vertical cuts along the top so the paper appears to be grass with the natural blades.

Cutouts: Cutout shapes of flowers, butterflies and caterpillars and either hang or stick them to the wall or ceiling.

Garden scene: Another idea that you can use is to paint a garden scene on a large piece of fabric and hang that on the wall. Alternatively, you can also use this as an activity where the kids can paint whatever they like.


Pompoms: How can you get the kids to get creative with pompoms? Well that’s easy. Each pompom will represent a section of the big caterpillar’s body. What the kids that to do is to glue a number of pompoms on clothes pins to create the caterpillar.

Cupcake Caterpillar: Another option for a fun activity would be to make a caterpillar out of cupcakes. Your job in this would be to simply make at least a dozen cupcakes, along with 4 separate colored frostings which would be yellow, red, green and white. Place all of these items on the table with licorice and ask the children to frost each of the cupcakes in segments.


Caterpillar food: Almost all kinds of food can be transformed into the sort that these little caterpillars would love to eat. For example if you are making sandwiches, make them in buns and arrange these in a wiggly manner. You can also transform the regular mini pizza into a great looking caterpillar.

Fruits: Caterpillars love food. Keep a variety of apples, strawberries and melons so that the little ones and dig into those as well.


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