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Disney Cars Birthday Supplies - Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Lightning McQueen will zoom right into your living room with these super-fun birthday ideas. From high-speed races to sugar-high sweets, these ideas for a Cars theme party will be a surefire hit!


Soap Box Derby – It’s a real derby with this simple and fun craft! Give each child a soap box and supply colored tape, stickers and glitter. Have them decorate their soap box “car,” and then glue on beads for the tires and attach a plastic straw to the top using tape. Blow up a colorful balloon, and then attach it to the straw using tape. Let the car go and see how far it gets! Make your own races using lots of balloons!

Wrapping Paper Race Track – Use an old wrapping paper tube cut in half, and then add duct tape to smooth out the “race track” down the middle of each tube. Add colorful paint to it to jazz up the track. An adult can hold up the tube and kids can race down toy cars to see who wins! It’s a fun game for younger tots.

Red Light Green Light – Have the birthday boy or girl stand at one end of the yard or living room, and then line up the rest of the guests on the other side. Play the standard red light, green light game to see who can get to the birthday child first. Then switch places.


Tower of Tires – Luigi’s tower can be the “high point” of the snack table and it’s easy to make! Just pile up chocolate glaze donuts, using toothpicks to keep them from falling. You can make it a bit lopsided to look more like the tires in the movie. Add toy cars around the table for added effect.

Hot Rod Hot Dogs – Serve “pigs in a blanket” style hot dogs but add black olive slices for wheels to make little mini cars! You can even add a pickle slice for the steering wheel.

Gas Guzzlers – For a fun twist on drinks, serve green punch and red punch out of coolers labeled gas or oil. You can cover paper cups in crinkly silver foil paper for added effect.

Cars cake – It’s not a Cars themed party without a fabulous cake. You can make a regular sheet cake into the shape of a car, and then add on colorful icing to make the windows, doors, windshield and a lightning rod of your cake is a McQueen!