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Boxing Party Supplies, Boxing Party Favors, Cake Decorations

Put on your gloves and don’t forget to put in your mouthpiece, it’s time to get your party started right with the help of our cool selection of boxing party supplies! Great for birthdays, boxing competitions, and other boxing themed events, our boxing favors, cake decorations, and other exciting party items will decorate your celebration in style. Go fifteen rounds on your big day with the help of our wonderful boxing party supplies!

Boxing Birthday Party Ideas

Rocky Balboa training hard and getting ready to fight his opponents in the boxing ring has long been an inspiration to kids and adults alike. If you have a child who is particularly enamored of boxing in general, the Rocky series, or who just loves a good underdog story, a boxing themed party can be a great idea! While actually asking children to box against each other might not be the best idea, we do have plenty of safe and fun suggestions to bring such a party to life:

Boxing ring cakes

Since plenty of square cake pans are available at stores worldwide, making one of these confections into an edible boxing ring can provide a wonderful homage to the “Rocky” movies. While adding Twizzlers as ropes and lollipops as corner posts can be a great do-it-yourself solution, the simple nature of this request is usually something that a professional baker can easily handle.

“Egg” Shake

While Sylvester Stallone's character drank plenty of raw eggs while training, this is a particularly dangerous thing – not to mention unappetizing – when it comes to serving children. However, you can make a far tastier and safer concoction at home that looks like Rocky's beverage of choice by making orange and banana smoothies, orange sherbet milkshakes, or something in a similar vein.

Stair Races

One of the most iconic scenes from “Rocky” is the title character racing up and down the long staircase of the Philadelphia Art Museum. A great way to incorporate something like this into a child's party is to find a regular staircase, and allow each child a timed run up the stairs on a one-at-a-time basis. For extra oomph, you can play the “Rocky” theme for each child as they begin. You can then offer the child who makes the climb in the shortest amount of time a small prize or favor for their achievement.

Showtime & Stories

Not all kids have seen “Rocky,” so pop some popcorn and have the partiers sit down for a showing of this iconic film. Once everyone has had a chance to see the movie, ask the kids which characters they liked best, and why. You can also ask the kids which characters they themselves resemble the most, and what characteristics they have in common. This can be a great way to show everyone at the party how a movie about a boxer became so enduringly popular worldwide!


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