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Beetle party supplies may not be everyone’s cup of tea that’s for sure. But, if you’ve got someone in your household who’s fascinated by beetles and other insects, you’ll love our selection of cool insect party items. Whether you’re looking for beetles and other insects to hand out as party favors, or you want to add our colorful tableware, you’ll love our selection of beetle party supplies!
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  • Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

    Bug Stickers (1 Sheet)

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    Smiley Mini Bubbles (Each)

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  • Bug Clickers (12 Pack)

    Bug Clickers (12 Pack)


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Solid tableware

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Beetle Party Supplies, Beetle Party Favors

Beetle party favors and other beetle party supplies are a fun way to get your party guests excited for your insect themed gathering. If you’ve got a group of kids that love beetles, bugs and other creepy crawlies, then you (and they) will love it when you decorate your celebration with our selection of bug party items. Your party guests will beet(le) a path to your door with the addition of our fantastic beetle party supplies!

Beetle Birthday Party and Party Ideas

The Beetle is a mysterious bug, but it can also be a very fun bug as well. Capture the interest of your guests by having your very own beetle party!


Edible Bugs: Creep everyone out by making some edible bugs! If you can find some molds to use for chocolate or gummy bugs, you can do that. Otherwise, you can create your own unique bug by putting together different types of candies to make the shape of a bug. For example, you can have an insect with a candy bar body, chocolate stick legs, frosting wings, and candy eyes.

Beetle Cupcakes: Looking for some more yummy beetle-snacks? How about some beetle cupcakes? Bake a chocolate cupcake for the “dirt” aspect and use icing to put a beetle on the top of the cupcake. Dark blue or green beetles will add to the realism, but you can go for a cartoonier look as well. If you don’t want to make a beetle out of frosting, you can just place a plastic one on the cupcake and let everyone take home a toy as well.


Beetle on My Back: When everyone enters your party, give them a beetle on their back. They must guess the color and type of beetle without cheating. This means that they will have to rely on their friend’s information to correctly describe the beetle that is on their back. Some questions they might want to ask is if it is spotted or striped, guess what color it is, and whether its wings are open or closed. Once they are able to describe the bug on their back, they can take it off and use it to scare their friends and family at home.

Beetle Hunt: Get everyone out looking for some bugs with a beetle hunt. Hand all of your participants a net that they can use to “catch” the beetles and let them go at it! You can hide the toy beetles around the house or outside as well. Nothing would be more thrilling than finding a beetle resting comfortably on a tree. See who the best beetle hunter is and reward them with a prize!

Bug Tattoos: Give everyone a chance to have some bugs crawl on them by handing out some fun bug tattoos. You can purchase these in bulk at several different locations, and they will be easy enough to apply. These temporary tattoos are sure to excite some guests while grossing out others, making it the perfect gift for both!

Excite and scare all of your guests with the best beetle-themed party goods available, it makes all the difference!


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