Get Ready For A "How To Train Your Dragon" Party!

Calling all Vikings and Dragons!

It's time to fly over to an epic How To Train Your Dragon party! We have everything you need to plan an adventurous party! Sometimes coming up with a creative party idea for a boy can be hard! There's the usual superhero or sports themes, but if you want a unique idea that the kids will love, you'll enjoy our tips for a How To Train Your Dragon party! So have your guests grab their Viking helmets, swords, and shields and prepare for an adventurous celebration!

Let's start with the invitations:

Invitations: Our fun invitations feature a cool Meatlug design that any fan of How To Train Your Dragon will love! These invitations come in sets of eight and provide a spot to write your important party information like the date, time, and RSVP info. The invitations measure roughly 5.5" x 4" and come with envelopes to make sending them easy!

1. Decorations & Supplies

At Discount Party Supplies, we have everything you need to plan an amazing party! Our website is a one-stop-shop for partyware, decorations, party favors, and more! We plan our decor and supplies around themes so that everything coordinates and looks fanstastic! Below is our How To Train Your Dragon partyware!


1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Dinner Plates: Each package comes with 8 round paper dinner plates. These cool plates are decorated with an exclusive Toothless pattern.

2. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Dessert Plates: Each package comes with 8 round paper dessert plates. These cool plates are decorated with an exclusive Stormfly, Barf, and Belch pattern. Guests will love the way your party tables look with the addition of these sleek paper plates to match the dinner plates!

3. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 9oz Cups: These cups are the perfect way to serve your guests. Each cup holds up to 9oz of hot or cold beverages so guests can refresh throughout the adventure party!

4. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Standard Party Packs: Our convenient party packs include individually-wrapped packages of 9-inch dinner plates, 7-inch dessert plates, 2-ply paper napkins, and 9-ounce paper cups. There is enough to host 16 guests! This makes dinnerware easy because you'll have everything you need and ready to go!

5. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Deluxe Party: Our deluxe party packs include the same partyware as our standard party packs, but this pack also includes two table covers! Our paper tableware is even stronger than other party brands! Our dinner plates are perfect for things like pizza slices, meatballs, and macaroni and cheese. Use our 7-inch dessert plates for vegetables and fruits, cake and ice cream, and even cupcakes. Our sturdy paper cups hold 9 ounces of hot and cold liquids without leaking halfway through your party. Use our 2-ply napkins to clean up everything from crumbs to spills. Finally, our sturdy plastic table covers measure 54" x 108" and are perfect for square tables. Make cleanup a breeze after the party by simply rolling up all your trash inside the table covers and throwing away. If you're planning to host a lot of guests, you'll be so glad you went with our Deluxe Party Packs!

6. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 16oz Cups: Each of our How To Train Your Dragon Plastic Favor Cups is decorated with an awesome TYD3 character design. These cool cups make perfect table setting accessories. When the party's over, your guests can take these fun cups home as a party keepsake. We love party accessories that can be used in more than one way!

7. How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Lunch Napkins: Each package includes 16 paper napkins. Each napkin measures about 6" folded and 13" unfolded. Napkins are 2-ply for ultimate strength (which is needed when kids get ahold of that cake!) They feature an exclusive Toothless and Light Fury pattern. Whenever you are hosting a lot of kids, you'll need a lot of napkins, so grab a few packs!



1. How To Train Your Dragon Pull-String Pinatas: Pinatas are a must have for your birthday event! What kid doesn't love the excitement of a pinata? They measure 23" high x 19" wide. This will not only make a great decor piece but also give your guests a fun activity to do as well!

2. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Stickers: Each package of stickers comes with 4 sheets, each containing 20 cool stickers. Designs on the stickers include characters from the movie and battle symbols. Guests will absolutely love these exciting party favors, but the reason we put them under the decor section of this post is because these stickers can be added to the decor as well! Buy some solid color party hats and decorate them with these themed stickers! You can also use these stickers on food labels or to close the invitation envelopes! Stickers can add a special decorative touch.

3. How To Train Your Dragon Jointed Banners: Each sturdy paperboard banner measures 7 feet long and can be hung outdoors or indoors with tacks or tape. Our banners are perfect for reuse; when the party's over, simply wrap up and store in a dry place for next time!

4. How To Train Your Dragon Latex Ballons: Every party needs balloons as part of the decor! Fill your party with these adorable How To Train Your Dragon balloons featuring a black outline of the dragon on both sides of the balloon. Balloons are an inexpensive decor option that make a big impression!

5. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Masks: Have your guests grab a mask when they enter the party and become a part of the decor themselves! Each package comes with 2 Toothless masks, 2 Meatlug masks and 2 styles of solder masks. Each mask measures roughly 9" x 7.5" and is perfect for both the kids and adults. Masks come equipped with an elastic strap in the back for easy securing. Send them home as party favors so the fun doesn't end!


2. Food

Where do you find guests at a party? Well, around the food table of course!Party food is fun to plan when you're choosing foods that fit perfectly with your theme! If you're doing a full meal for guests, turn the meal you serve into a Viking ship! You can do this with long sandwiches or individual hot dogs in a bun. Use toothpicks and square pieces of paper to add sails to your "ship."

Photo from:

You can also make the drinks at the party fit your theme! Turn juice boxes into mini Vikings! says to cut brown construction paper to fit around the juice box and then tape gray horns to the side of the juice box to look like the picture below:

Here are a few more food ideas for your party table and what to label them using our Chalkboard Food Markers.

  • Cheetos: Dragon Fire Balls
  • Goldfish Crackers: Dragon Food
  • Jellybeans: Dragon Eggs
  • Bugels: Dragon Teeth


3. Cake

The first cake option is as simple as can be according to! Bling-loving mama and blogger Sarah says to start with a domed cake pan and use a boxed cake mix. You can't mess that up, right? See! It's easy! Ice the cake with chocolate icing using this tutorial for the easiest way to frost a cake. Then you're going to want to make horns out of Rice Krispie treat ingredients! Just take the Rice Krispie treat ingredients and use your hands to shape them like horns! Then melt candy coating onto the horns and wait for them to dry. Once the horns are set and cooled, stick them into the top of the cake with kabob skewers! Don't do it too early as they could be too heavy and slide down the cake. Blogger Sarah suggested TWO skewers in each horn for more stability.

Your little Viking will love this cake!

For another DIY cake recipe, check out cakes below! Amy Locurto uses cake ingredients, buttercream, and printable dragon eyes to turn a cake into Night Fury or Light Fury dragons!

4. Games & Activities

The venue is decorated, bellies are full, and now it's time for the fun! Here are some games and activity ideas for your party:

  • Have a table set up for your kids to make their own shields! Have cardboard cut into the shape of shields and then provide paper, scissors, markers, glue, and more for your little guests to make shields to use at the party. Also, have premade handles available to stick onto the shields.
  • At another area of the party you can have face painting set up! This isn't for just any kind of face painting, it's for war paint! Have a few options pictured for your little Vikings to choose from, and then have an adult paint their faces.

Photo from:

Once shields are in hand and face paint is ready to go, don't forget to finish off their costumes with a sword and Viking hat! You can help your guests look and feel like Vikings with our costumes at Discount Party Supplies! Then they can take them home as party favors and continue the adventure!

1. Dragon Slayer Inflatable Swords: Are your guests ready to be heroes? They'll need to grab their swords! Blow them up and watch them all battle deep into the depths of the darkest realms! The swords measure 25" inflated. To avoid deflation, make sure the valve is securely plugged. You'll receive 12 blow up swords in each pack!

2. Roman Swords: Your little Vikings will be able to conquer their "enemies" when you hand out these Roman Swords as party favors! They even come with a sword protector.

3. Thor Viking Hammers: These Viking hammers are ready to strike! They are fun for guests to play with but can also lay on the party table as decor.

4. Inflatable Sword And Shield Sets: This sword comes with an inflatable shield as well! Get ready for some battles to go down at your party!

5. Foam Swords: At an intimidating 24.75" long, these swords are bound to make for fun pretend sword fights between Vikings and dragons!

6. Viking Helmets: The Thor Viking Helmet is 14" x 10.5" and made of high-quality plastic. Our sturdy helmets are built to last, making them perfect to reuse both during and after the party.


1. Dragon Rubber Wristbands: Slay the task of finding a great party favor. These Dragon Rubber Wristbands are sure to be a huge hit for the guests at the party! Each fierce wristband features a cool dragon design with the words "Dragon Slayer" in a medieval-looking text.

2. How To Train Your Dragon Pez Dispenser: Add these How To Train Your Dragon Pez Dispensers to your party's "must-have" list! These fun dispensers are for your guests to eat at the party or add to party favor bags. Each package includes 1 dispenser and 1 candy pack. They are able to be refilled again and again.

3. Train Your Dragon 2 Disc Launchers: If your guests get tired of all that dragon training, they can still be entertained with these Train Your Dragon 2 Disc Launchers! These fun plastic launchers measure 4" x 2."

4. How To Train Your Dragon Tote Bags: You'll need something to carry all the Viking equipment home in, so consider our How To Train Your Dragon Totes! Our bags are made of sturdy canvas material and pair perfectly with the rest of our dragon-themed products.

5. How To Train Your Dragon Pindot Glasses: Complete the look of your party with fun party favors for your guests to wear at the party or add to party favor bags. These glasses are so much fun to wear and come in packs of four.

6. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Favor Bags: If you're wanting smaller favor bags to send home, we have the perfect favor bags for you! Each package comes with eight bags. Each bag features a cool character design and measures 7.5" x 9". Are bags are sturdy enough to hold the party favors for your guests to carry home.

To see all of our How To Train Your Dragon supplies in one place, click here. For more party planning tips, read our blog post about 10 Stress-Free Party Planning Tips and our Kids Birthday Party Checklist post.

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