To Splurge or Not: How Much to Spend on Your Kid’s Birthday Party?

One thing’s for sure—your kids mean the whole world to you. But does that mean you should spend literally the same worth on their birthday parties? From the simplest cake-smash rituals to Kylie Jenner’s amusement park–themed birthday party for Stormi, how much are you willing to spend on your child’s birthday party? A better question would be, how much should you be spending?

A birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate another milestone for your child. However, while it is your right to celebrate the way you want to, it’s still best to be mindful about your spending. There are tons of articles about how to plan a birthday party on a budget, but only a few actually discuss specifics like what the average cost will be.

If you’re curious about how much most parents are shelling out on their kids’ birthday parties, check out some birthday party statistics in the infographic below.


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