Baking Party Supplies & Birthday Decorations

Baking party supplies are a cute and colorful way to help celebrate your future chef’s birthday or other special occasion! Make the big day even better with matching tableware items like plates, napkins, cups, tablecovers and more.

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  • White 5-Tier Cupcake Stands - 21in (Each)

    White 5-Tier Round Cupcake Stands - 21 (Each)

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  • White 3-Tier Cupcake Stands - 14.5in (Each)

    White 3-Tier Cupcake Stands - 14.5in (Each)

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Solid tableware

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Baking Party Supplies, Baking Party Decorations

Baking party supplies will help you prepare your party setting for a sensational baking birthday party or other kids’ themed baking get-together. Your little ones will love these exciting and cute party decorations, party favors, cake kits, cake decorating items and other fun baking party items. Have a great time at your tasty gathering with the addition of our wonderful baking party supplies!


A baking party is something that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether it is the creation process or the eating of the baked goods, there is always something fun to do at a baking party!


The Baker's Dozen: If you are a baking enthusiast, now is the time for you to shine. Bake a number of different goods so that people can understand what goes into baking. You can do the typical items like cakes, breads, and cookies, but don' forget that you can bake a number of other things. Baked fruits, pot pies, or crème brulee are sure to get people's appetites going.

Pretzel Dips: Let everyone enjoy some delicious pretzels by baking some soft pretzels. Provide a number of different dips like cheese, marinara sauce, and chocolate so that guests can create their own favorite flavors. You can go an extra step and provide nuts and sprinkles for the chocolate dip as well.


Homemade Aprons and Chef Hats: You can't be a baker without the essential materials. Give all of your young bakers something to be proud of by letting them decorate their very own aprons and chef hats. Fabric glitter is a great tool that can let kids write their own names to customize their apron or hat. You can also give them stickers, buttons, and felt fabric to cut and glue on. Everyone will feel like they are a real baker once they get their own personal gear for the occasion.

Bake and Ice a Cupcake: Get everyone addicted to baking by letting them learn the basics. Cupcakes are something that are easy to make and fun to eat, so they will be perfect for the youngsters. After measuring the ingredients out, mix everything a bowl and pour it into the proper baking pan. Let the kids see the cupcakes bake (if you have a glass centerpiece) and give them the option to decorate the cupcakes after the process is complete. Kids are sure to enjoy the decorating process as well as learn how to bake so that they can tell their parents when they get home.

Bake Hotdog Biscuits: Take the concept of pigs in a blanket and make them a snack that everyone can make. All you need for this is some croissant dough and a few hot dogs. Have everyone wrap their hot dogs with the dough and let them place it onto a baking sheet. Bake the hot dogs until the dough is golden-brown before taking them out to enjoy. You can mix things up by adding cheese or chili, so be creative!

Have all the ingredients to host the best baking party by having the right party supplies. Be sure that everyone is satisfied!


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