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Western Party Supplies, Western Birthday Party

Western party supplies are a lot of fun and could be used for a variety of party themes. Maybe, you’ve got a little one who’s a cowboy fan with an upcoming birthday. Or, maybe you’re planning on a western themed barbecue. Whatever party you’ve got planned for your western theme, you’ll love getting it started with this fun western tableware, western party decorations and other fun stuff. Make your western party a huge success with the help of these fantastic western party supplies!

The History of the American Cowboy

Often romanticized, the Cowboy is obviously a big part of Western lore and the Old West. Basically, a cowboy is an animal herder (in the United States and North America) who herds cattle most of the time atop a horse. He also performs a number of related tasks around the ranch. Cowboys often frequently perform in rodeos.

The cowboy can trace its origins back to Spain and the European settlement of America. Different regions developed from different European cultures developed different tools of the cowboy trade. Of course, the cowboys adapted over time and developed new tools over the years.

In the west, the western cowboy arose as settlers and traders expanded westward. Merging with Spanish traditions, the western United States cowboy evolved somewhat from the Spanish “vaquero”. This was expedited by the settling of Texas in 1821 by English speaking people. The expansion of the railroads and the demand for more beef after the Civil War led to cowboys heading further westward. The continued growth of the cattle industry into the 1880’s led to demand for more open ranges and thus, an increased number of cowboys. This 1880’s version of the western cowboy is primarily the version we see romanticized in film, books and television today.

Enjoy your inner cowboy when you decorate your party in our awesome western party supplies. Let your rough and tumble side show at your next birthday party or other celebration!