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Kansas City Chiefs Party Supplies, Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate Party

Kansas City Chiefs party supplies are the perfect way to make your football themed celebration a true Chiefs party! Highlight your party table setup with these wonderful Kansas City style cups, plates and other fun table items. Make your Chiefs get-together (whether it’s a tailgate, birthday party, viewing party or some other occasion) a little more exciting with these wonderful Kansas City Chiefs party supplies.

Kansas City Chiefs Trivia Fun!

Kansas City Chiefs trivia can be a fun addition to your Kansas City themed football function. Place Chiefs trivia questions and answers around your party to add a little atmosphere and entertainment for your guests. Let them test their knowledge as they get ready for the big game. Below, are a few Chiefs trivia questions to get your started, but feel free to come up with some on your own. Have fun with it and your guests will too.

What was the original name and location of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise?

Originally, the Kansas City Chiefs were located in Dallas and named the Dallas Texans. They moved to Kansas City in 1963.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Green Bay Packers 35-10 in the first ever Super Bowl. Who did they beat and what was the score 3 years later when the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV?

The Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Super Bowl IV.

After their victory in Super Bowl IV, when did Kansas City again make it back to the Super Bowl and who did they play?

That was a trick question. The Kansas City Chiefs have not made it back to the Super Bowl.

What is the name of the Chiefs mascot?

The Chiefs mascot is named K.C. Wolf

The Kansas City Chiefs have retired the number 78. Who wore that number?

Linebacker Bobby Bell (1963-1974) wore the number 78 for the Kansas City Chiefs

What was Hank Stram’s job before becoming the first ever head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Hank Stram was an assistant coach for the University of Miami’s football team before being hired as the first ever coach for Kansas City

All right, that should get you started. We hope you enjoyed the Kansas City Chiefs trivia we came up with, and we hope you have fun with it. Enjoy yourself at your Chiefs party and don’t forget to include our fantastic Kansas City Chiefs party supplies!