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Jacksonville Jaguars Party Supplies, Jacksonville Jaguars Birthday Party

Jacksonville Jaguars party supplies are a great way to make your football themed celebration a little more special. Our awesome Jaguars themed tableware will liven up any party table, whether you’re serving tailgate food, gameday appetizers or birthday cake. Make your gameday event a little more special with the help of these Jacksonville Jaguars party supplies.

Jacksonville Jaguars Trivia Fun!

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a fun team to follow. If you’ve got a Jaguars gathering or football themed event, one idea you may want to add to your special occasion is to add trivia to test and amuse your guests. Add Jaguars trivia on the back of your themed plates or in other areas to add some atmosphere and entertainment. Use our quick questions below and/or come up with your own Jacksonville trivia. Whatever you do, make it fun for your guests!

The Jacksonville Jaguars were an expansion team in 1995. What was the other NFL expansion team that entered the league with them that year?

The Carolina Panthers were the other NFL expansion team that entered the league in 1995.

Who was the first ever head coach for the Carolina Panthers?

The first head coach for the Panthers was Tom Coughlin.

What is the name of the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot?

The mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars is Jaxson de Ville

What is the name of the professional cheerleading squad for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

The name of the cheerleading squad for the Jaguars is the Jacksonville ROAR

Who was the Jacksonville Jaguars first ever franchise NFL draft pick?

With the second overall draft pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Offensive Tackle, Tony Boselli

Who was the first quarterback the Jacksonville Jaguars ever drafted?

The Jaguars first quarterback their franchise ever drafted was Rob Johnson (USC) in the 4th round in 1995.

How many of the above Jaguar trivia questions could you answer? Be honest. Well, hopefully you had some fun with them and your guests have fun with them (and some that you come up with) at your Jaguars themed party. Also, don’t forget to include our awesome Jacksonville Jaguars party supplies for a fantastic time!