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Make these Indianapolis Colts Party Supplies a part of your next Indianapolis Colts ge-togther! Whether celebrating a birthday party, tailgate, game day party, viewing event or some other Colts special occasion, you’ll love adding this fantastic football themed partyware to your celebration. Make your big day a little more exciting with the help of these awesome Indianapolis Colts party supplies!

Indianapolis Colts Trivia and More!

Who likes trivia? What? You don’t like trivia? What if it’s Indianapolis Colts trivia? Okay, a little better, then. Seriously, though, we’ve provided some quick Indianapolis Colts trivia below for your entertainment. You can easily add this and other trivia to your Colts themed gathering to test your guests, or simply add atmosphere to the event. Have a good time with it and your guest will to. Okay, ready, set, trivia!

In what year did the Baltimore Colts relocate to Indianapolis?

The Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

How many Super Bowls has the Colts franchise won?

The Colts have won two Super Bowls, Super Bowl V (1970, as the Baltimore Colts) and Super Bowl XLI (2006, as the Indianapolis Colts)

Who did the Colts select with the overall #1 NFL draft pick in 1967?

The Colts picked defensive end Bubba Smith (from Michigan State University) with the NFL’s overall #1 pick in 1967.

Who did the Colts select with the overall #1 NFL draft pick in 1990?

The Colts selected quarterback Jeff George with the overall #1 pick in 1990.

As of the end of the 2011 NFL season, which coach has the most franchise wins for the Colts?

Tony Dungy holds the career record for most coaching victories while with the Colts at 85 wins.

Enjoy this Indianapolis Colts trivia and/or the trivia you come up with on your own. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it, and don’t forget to include our fantastic Indianapolis Colts party supplies!