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Houston Texans Party Supplies, Houston Texans Birthday Party

Houston Texans party supplies are a wonderful way to enhance your next Texan tailgate party, birthday party, viewing get-together or other fun occasion. Make your party tables shine with these Texan themed napkins, cups, plates and other football tableware. If you’ve got a bunch of Texan fanatics to serve at your football function, have fun and serve them with the help of these wonderful Houston Texans party supplies!

Houston Texans Trivia Fun!

The Houston Texans are a fun team to follow. See if you and/or your party guests can answer the following entertaining Texans trivia questions. Read them for your own amusement, or incorporate them into your party and see which guest knows the most about the Texans. Whatever, you do, make it simple and fun and your guests will enjoy it. So, let’s begin!

Who did the Texans select with the overall #1 NFL draft pick in 2002?

The Texans selected quarterback David Carr.

As an expansion team, the Texans first NFL season was 2002. Who was their coach that year?

The Texans first coach was Dom Capers (first 4 seasons 2002-2005)

As of the end of the 2011-2012 season, what is the Texans all-time playoff record?

The Texans are 1-1 all-time in the playoffs.

Who holds the single season rushing record for the Houston Texans?

Arian Foster holds the single season rushing record with 1,616 yards (2010)

Who holds the season record for most touchdown passes with how many?

Matt Schaub holds the Texans single season touchdown passes record with 29 (2009)

What were the 4 other finalists for Houston’s team name besides the Texans?

The 4 other finalists for the Texans team name were the Bobcats, Toros, Apollos and Stallions.

There you have it, some Houston Texans trivia that you can use for your next Texans gathering. Of course, feel free to come up with your own. Just be sure to have fun with it, and it’s likely that your party guests will also. Finally, don’t forget to decorate your party with our wonderful Houston Texans party supplies!