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Detroit Lions Party Supplies, Detroit Lions Birthday Party

Restore the Roar with the help of these wonderful Detroit Lions Party Supplies! Our cool Lions plates, cups, napkins and other party tableware are a great way to lend home team style to your tailgate, birthday party, viewing party or other get-together. Make your trip to Ford Field (even if it’s just on the television) a little more fun with our fantastic Detroit Lions party supplies!

Detroit Lions Trivia Fun!

We’re from Michigan, so we’re very familiar with the Detroit Lions and their long-suffering football fans (which happens to include a lot of people at our company). We’re hopeful for the Lions going forward given their recent success (you know that first playoff appearance in years), but we’re also mindful of their less than stellar past. Regardless, we’re Lions fans and we’ll keep pulling for our Lions.

Below is a bit of Detroit Lions trivia for you to have fun with. Add it to your tailgate party or birthday party for some entertainment value, or simply see if you can answer the questions. Okay, here we go.

How many Super Bowls have the Lions played in and how many have they won?

Super Bowls? Lions? Ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha

How many playoff games have the Lions played in (in the Super Bowl era) and how many have they won?

Since the Super Bowl began, the Lions have played in 11 playoff games, winning 1 of them.

Who’s the all-time leading rusher in Lion’s history?

Barry Sanders, of course, with 15,269 total yards, currently 3rd all-time in NFL history.

What was the score and who was the opponent in the Detroit Lions lone playoff victory?

Detroit beat the Dallas Cowboys 38-6 in their only playoff victory.

What were the Detroit Lions before they moved to Detroit?

The Detroit Lions were originally the Portsmouth Spartans and were based in Portsmouth, Ohio from 1929 to 1933 before moving to Detroit.

Well, another season, another chance at that first Super Bowl right? We hope you enjoyed our Lions trivia, and we certainly hope your Lions themed party is a success as well. But, don’t forget to include our fantastic Detroit Lions party supplies for your big day!