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Chicago Bears Party Supplies, Chicago Bears Tailgate Party

The Monsters of the Midway are back for another hard hitting football season, and you can join in the fun with the help of our fantastic Chicago Bears party supplies. Our wonderful Bears cups, plates, and other tableware is perfect for your tailgate, birthday party, gameday get-together or other fun occasion. Watch the Bears season unfold in style with the help of our awesome Chicago Bears party supplies!

Chicago Bears Trivia and Fun Facts!

Chicago Bears trivia can be a entertaining way to test your party guests’ knowledge about Da Bears. Write some questions and answers on your party plates and other tableware for fun. Or, simply read them over and see if you can answer them. Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy them. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Which team holds the record for most victories in NFL history?

The Bears have recorded the most victories by any team in NFL history, recording their 700th win on November 18th, 2010, and of course that number has climbed since.

In what year were the Chicago Bears founded?

The Chicago team was formed in 1919 in Decatur, Illinois and moved to Chicago in 1921.

What was the team’s nickname before they were the Bears?

Originally, the Chicago Bears were the Decatur Staleys, named after the A.E. Staley food starch company located in Decatur.

How many Super Bowls have the Bears played in, and how many have they won?

The Bears have played in two Super Bowls, 1985 and 20006. In 1985, they beat the New England Patriots 46 to 10, and in 2006 they lost to the Indianapolis Colts 29-17.

The Bears hold the record for the largest margin of victory in an NFL game. Who did they beat and what was the score?

The Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0 in 1940.

There you have it…a little trivia, a little bit of Chicago Bears party supplies and, hopefully, a whole lot of fun at your Bears themed party. Have a great time and enjoy yourself at your birthday party, tailgate or other celebration.