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Carolina Panthers Party Supplies, Carolina Panthers Birthday Party

The Carolina Panthers are ready for another football season, and it’s time for you to get ready as well with the help of our Carolina Panthers party supplies. Celebrate a birthday, gameday, viewing party, tailgate party or other fun football get-together with these awesome plates, cups and other themed tableware. Make your football event a little more special with the help of these fantastic Carolina Panthers party supplies!

Carolina Panthers Trivia and Fun Facts

The Carolina Panthers have a relatively short history as far as the NFL is concerned, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of interesting facts and trivia that you can easily find about the team. Below, we’ve assemble a few facts and questions about the Panthers for your entertainment. See how many you can answer, and see if you can come up with any Carolina trivia of your own.

In what year did the Carolina Panthers join the NFL as an expansion team?

The Carolina Panthers joined the NFL in 1995.

What was the Carolina Panthers first ever draft pick?

The Panthers first draft pick was former Penn State quarterback Kerry Collins

Who was the Panthers first head coach?

The first head coach for the Panthers was Dom Capers

Who is currently the only Hall of Fame player to have played for Carolina?

Defensive End, Reggie White (2000)

How many times have the Panthers been to the Super Bowl and how many times have they won it?

The Panthers have been to the Super Bowl one time (2003) and lost to the New England Patriots 32-29.

Who did the Panthers pick with the first overall draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft?

The Panthers chose Cam Newton, quarterback from Auburn University

Have a fun time at your NFL themed party. Have a great time with our trivia (and any trivia you come up with on your own). And, have a great time decorating your gathering with these wonderful Carolina Panthers party supplies!