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Buffalo Bills Party Supplies are here just in time for another action packed football season! Our Buffalo Bills party items are wonderful for birthday parties, tailgates, game viewing events or anywhere where Buffalo Bills’ fans are going to be. Celebrate in style at your next Buffalo themed get-together with the help of our sensational Buffalo Bills party supplies!

Buffalo Bills Fun Trivia and Other Stuff You Want to Know

Trivia can be fun or maybe a little annoying, but since we lean toward thinking it’s more fun than annoying, we’ve provided some Bills trivia below. See if you or your guests can answer at your party, or simply read through them for your own amusement. Hopefully they’re a little challenging even for the most die-hard Bills fans. So, let’s begin:

What year did the Buffalo Bills first begin playing football?

The Bills began their football franchise in 1960, playing in the American Football League (AFL).

Today, how many professional football teams play their home games in the state of New York?

One, just the Buffalo Bills. Both the New York Giants and the New York Jets play their home games in New Jersey, despite their New York names.

How many Super Bowls have the Buffalo Bills appeared in and how many times did they win it?

Any true Buffalo Bills fan should know this bittersweet fact. While the Bills have reached 4 Super Bowls (all in consecutive years, 1990-1993) they lost them all.

Who is the all-time rushing leader (most yards) for the Buffalo Bills?

Thurman Thomas with 11,938 yards for his career.

Who is the all-time scoring leader for the Buffalo Bills?

It’s always a kicker. Kicker Steve Christie has 1,011 total points over his career for the Bills.

Okay, we hope you enjoyed a little Bills trivia. It’s easy to come up with more trivia if you’d like add your own. And, before you go, don’t forget to decorate your party with our fantastic Buffalo Bills party supplies!