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Pirate toys and pirate birthday party favors are a wonderful way to kick your pirate party up a notch or two. Pirate birthday party decorations and toys can help set the mood for a fantastic pirate adventure. Pirate favorites like pirate telescopes, miniature pirate chests, play coins and treasure, eye patches, pirate styled bandanas and other fun pirate favors will turn your birthday party or other celebration into a voyage on the Seven Seas. Make your gathering a piratetastic one with the help of these awesome pirate toys!

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Turn your pirate themed party into an adventure on the high seas with our terrific pirate toys! Peer through a pirate telescope to spot your enemy, store your pirate booty in a treasure chest, put on an eye patch for that authentic pirate look and prepare yourself for a fun-filled treasure hunt. There’s tons you can do when you add our exciting pirate favors and pirate toys to your celebration. Add fun and awesome pirate style to your celebration with the addition of all of our fantastic pirate favors!

Pirate Party Activities

Treasure Map Hunt - One pirate party activity that we always think is a fun one is the pirate treasure hunt. This can be handled in a variety of ways depending on what you want to do, but the basic idea is to create a treasure map with a treasure (or treasures) at the end of it for the children to find. Now, you can create a straightforward map that simply shows the locations of different pirate booty. Or, you can make the map a little more complicated by creating clues to the treasure’s whereabouts. This can mean that you make a few word puzzles, picture puzzles, pirate trivia or whatever you want to lead the kids towards the treasure. Don’t make it overly complicated and have fun with it, and your guests should have a good time as well.

Watch Out For The Cannonball (or Hot Potato) – Similar to the classic Hot Potato game, the kids form a circle and play catch with a “cannonball” (a black balloon or ball painted black). Music is played and when the music stops, the one holding the cannonball is eliminated. Play until only one child is left standing.

Pirate toys will add character and fun to your birthday party! Sprinkle pirate toys throughout your party tables as decorations, or give them out as pirate favors at the end of the day. You and your guests will love the excitement from a few added pirate favorites.