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USC Trojans party supplies help bring excitement and school spirit to any USC function. It looks like the Trojans football team is poised to make another run at a National Championship this season and should be a fun team to watch. If you’re planning a USC football party at home or elsewhere, our USC cups, plates, napkins and other tableware will fit in nicely. Get ready for kickoff and make your party planning a little easier with the assistance of our fantastic USC Trojans party supplies!

USC Trojans Football Trivia Fun!

The USC Trojans have been atop the ranks of college football for a long, long time. With plenty of successful football history in their past, it’s easy to incorporate a little USC football trivia into your Trojans themed event. Throw some Trojans trivia around your party to create a bit of entertainment for your guests, or to help break the ice for USC fans who may not know each other. It’s a fun way to lighten the mood and get people talking. Below are a few USC trivia questions to get you started.

In what year did the USC Trojans first field a football team?

USC founded its first football team in 1888. They played their first game in the fall of that year against the powerful and storied (we’re kidding) Alliance Athletic Club, winning 16-0.

What were the two team names of the USC football team before USC settled on the Trojans name in 1912?

USC teams were called the Wesleyans and the Methodists before they became known as the Trojans.

What is the definition of a “Perfect Day” by a USC football fan?

A “perfect day” for a USC football fan is a gameday that results in a win for USC, a loss for UCLA and a loss for Notre Dame. Incidentally, I’ve got a friend and football fan here in Michigan who describes his perfect day as a Michigan State win, a Michigan loss and a Lions win.

In what year did USC first play rival Stanford?

The USC/Stanford rivalry began with a game in 1905.

USC has had seven Heisman Trophy winners. Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner for USC?

Tailback Mike Garrett was the first Heisman Trophy winner for USC in 1965.