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Texas Aggies Party Supplies, Texas A&M Party Supplies

If you’ve made it to this page, you’re most likely an Texas A&M fan who’s planning a party. Or, at least, you know someone who is. Well, our Texas Aggies party supplies are a great way to start your party planning for whatever Aggie themed event (birthday party, football party, graduation, etc.) you’re working on. Our Texas A&M themed tableware will look wonderful serving your appetizers, cake and other party fare. Don’t begin setting up your party until you’ve received these fantastic Texas A&M party supplies!

Texas Aggies Football Trivia Fun!

The Texas A&M football program has come to play for years. One way to come to play when hosting your next Aggies themed football party is to place Texas A&M trivia throughout your event to add to your decorations. Place questions and answers on the backs of your party plates, on your party cups or hang them up on your walls. This is a great way to add color and stimulate a bit of conversation amongst your guests. Make it entertaining and your guests should love it. Below are a couple of examples for you to use.

In what year was the Texas A&M football team awarded the National Championship by most of the polls including the AP?

While the Aggies had a few other years where they were ranked #1 by a few polls, it was in 1939 that the majority of polls, including the AP, awarded the Aggies a #1 ranking.

In the 1995 Alamo Bowl, who did the Texas Aggies play, did they win, and what was the final score?

In the 1995 Alamo Bowl, the Texas Aggies played Michigan and won, defeating them by the score of 22-20.

Who is the only Texas A&M player to have won the Heisman Trophy?

Former Texas A&M halfback John David Crow won the Heisman Trophy while playing for the Aggies in 1957.

Which Texas A&M linebacker won the Butkus Award in 2010?

Linebacker Von Miller won the Butkus Award for the Aggies in 2010.

Texas A&M has a long history of winning football tradition. Make your own tradition with an Aggies themed party, and be sure to include our Texas A&M party supplies to add color and school spirit to your big day!