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Syracuse Party Supplies, Syracuse Graduation Supplies

Syracuse party supplies are a great way to celebrate your Orange themed special occasion. Whether you’re planning a basketball game watching event, a football tailgate, a loved one’s graduation or a fan’s birthday, you’ll love add these school spirited party items. Add some school colors and enjoy your big day a little more with the help of our Syracuse party supplies!

Syracuse Basketball Trivia Fun!

How much do you and your guests love Syracuse basketball? We’re going to assume that the likely answer is “a lot” if you’ve found this page of our site. Syracuse certainly has a successful basketball history, and a fun way to celebrate that history and create a conversation starter at your special occasion is to throw a little Syracuse trivia out there for your guests to answer. It’s a cute and easy way to add to your Orange party decorations. Below are a handful of examples you can use, or simply create your own.

In what year did the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team begin playing their first official season?

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team began play in the 1900-1901 season.

What former Syracuse men’s basketball player would go on to play 12 seasons in the NBA before eventually becoming the Mayor of Detroit?

Dave Bing is the former Syracuse player who is now the current Mayor of Detroit.

How many NCAA Tournament national Championship games has Syracuse played in, and how many have they won?

Syracuse has played in three NCAA Tournament National Championship games (1987, 1996, and 2003), beating Kansas in 2003 for their one win.

What was the Syracuse Orange basketball team ranked in the preseason before their National Championship in 2003?

The Syracuse Orange basketball team was unranked in the preseason before the 2002-2003 season.

We hope your Syracuse themed special occasion goes off without a hitch. Help make your Syracuse Orange celebration a great one with the help of our wonderful Syracuse Orange party supplies.