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Penn State Party Supplies, Nittany Lions Party Supplies

Planning a Penn State themed graduation party, birthday, football party or some other PSU themed special event? Our Penn State party supplies are perfect for decorating your party tables, concessions, buffet area and other parts of your party setup where PSU tableware is needed. Your Nittany Lions fanatics will love the school spirit and fun that our Penn State party supplies will bring to any occasion.

Penn State Nittany Lions Football Trivia Fun!

The Nittany Lions have had a long and storied history of successful football seasons and successful individual performances. One way to add some light hearted conversation and fun to your Penn State party is to adorn your decorations and/or tableware with interesting Nittany Lions trivia questions. You’ll quickly find out which guests know their PSU football. Seriously, some PSU questions and answers sprinkled around your event can be a welcome ice-breaker. Make it something fun and your guests will enjoy it. Below are a few examples we’ve come up with.

In what year did the Penn State football program begin playing organized football?

In 1887, PSU formed their football program and began organized play.

Who was the first ever head coach for the Penn State football team?

After playing their first few years without a head coach, George Hoskins became PSU’s first ever head coach for the 1892 season.

What is the name given to the student tradition of camping out outside Beaver Stadium for football tickets?

The Penn State tradition where students camp outside the stadium for football tickets is known as “Nittanyville”.

What college football team does Penn State play for the Land Grant Trophy?

Penn State and the Michigan State Spartans play for the Land Grant Trophy given to the winner after each game between the two schools.

Who is the only PSU football player to win the Heisman Trophy?

John Cappelletti won the Heisman Trophy in 1973.

If you’ve got a special graduation party, birthday, football party or other fun celebration, we wish you the best on your big day. We hope you have a blast, and want to remind you to include our fantastic Penn State party supplies to make your party planning a little easier and your decorations a little more colorful. Good luck!