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Ohio State Party Supplies, Buckeyes Party Supplies

Ohio State party supplies are the perfect way to kick off your next Buckeye celebration. The Buckeyes are the cream of the crop of the Big Ten (despite their recent tattoo problems) and are once again set to begin another winning season. Make your football party, birthday, graduation party or other Buckeye themed event a little more spectacular with an assist from our fantastic Ohio State party supplies!

Ohio State Football Trivia Fun!

Ever wonder what year the Ohio State football program began? How about who the Ohio State Buckeyes played in their first game ever? No? Are you sure? Well, maybe a few of your guests would like to see a little Ohio State football trivia. Spread around your party, some questions and answers about Ohio State’s heralded football program can add a little fun and help break the ice for a few conversations. We’ve provided a few examples for you below to get you started.

In what year did the Ohio State football program begin?

The Ohio State football program began in 1890, introduced to the school by two men, Alexander Lilley and George Cole.

Who did Ohio State play in their first ever football game, and did they win?

Ohio State traveled to Ohio Wesleyan University for their first game and defeated Ohio Wesleyan on May 3, 1890.

What trophy does the winning team receive after Ohio State plays Illinois?

The winning team of the Illinois and Ohio State football game receives the Illibuck trophy.

How many times have Ohio State football players have won the Heisman Trophy?

Seven times Ohio State football players have won the Heisman Trophy in OSU’s football program’s history. Les Horvath (1944), Vic Janowicz (1950), Howard Cassady (1955), Archie Griffin (1974), Archie Griffin (1975), Eddie George (1995) and Troy Smith (2006) are the players.

Who was the first Ohio State Buckeye former football player to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame?

Paul Brown was the first former OSU player to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1967.

Enjoy your Buckeye themed event whatever it is. Remember, to make your planning a little easier, and to make your big day a little more school spirited, make sure that our Ohio State party supplies are a part of your occasion!