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Miami Hurricanes Party Supplies, Miami Hurricanes Football Supplies

Miami Hurricanes Party Supplies are a fun way to show off your Hurricane pride! Planning a tailgate, graduation, birthday party for a Miami fan, or football viewing party? Maybe you’ve got some other Hurricane themed celebration in mind. Whatever Miami event you’re thinking of hosting, you can’t go wrong by including our fantastic Miami Hurricanes football supplies in your party plans!

Miami Hurricanes Football Trivia Fun!

Miami football has a pretty successful tradition. One way to decorate your Hurricanes themed event is to sprinkle a bit of trivia around your event. Write questions and answers on your Hurricane plates, decorations or elsewhere. It will test and amuse your Hurricane fanatic guests and hopefully get them talking. Make it entertaining and your guests will really appreciate it. We’ve included a handful of samples for you to use, but you’ll certainly want to add your own.

In what year did the Miami Hurricanes football program begin?

The Hurricanes football program began in 1926.

How many National Championships have the Miami Hurricanes won (as recognized by the AP) ?

Miami has won National Championships five times in their history (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991 and 2001).

Two Miami Hurricanes players have won the Heisman Trophy. Who were these players?

Hurricanes Vinny Testaverde (Quarterback, 1986) and Gino Toretta (Quarterback, 1992) have won the Heisman Trophy.

The Miami Hurricanes achieved their second National Championship after the 1987 season. Who did they defeat in the Orange Bowl that season, and what was the score?

The Miami Hurricanes defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 20-14 in the 1988 Orange Bowl to earn their second National Championship.

The Miami Hurricanes hold the NCAA record for most consecutive home field victories. How long is the streak, and who defeated Miami to end it?

The Miami Hurricanes hold the record for most consecutive home victories with 58 consecutive wins. The streak began on October 12, 1985 and ended with a loss to Washington (38-20) on September 24, 1994.

Have a fantastic time at your Hurricanes celebration, and don’t forget to plan ahead in order to help make things run smoothly. Also, don’t forget to include our wonderful Miami Hurricanes party supplies to help bring some school spirit to your party.