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Arkansas Razorbacks Party Supplies, Razorbacks Party

Arkansas party supplies are a great addition to any Razorback themed tailgate, graduation party, birthday for a fan, game day event or other special occasion. Our Arkansas styled plates, cups and more are a great way to show you Arkansas school spirit when serving drinks, appetizers and other party fare. Make your Razorbacks party a little more stylish and fun when you add our wonderful Arkansas Razorbacks party supplies!

Arkansas Razorbacks Football Trivia Fun!

One way to add a little football flavor to your Arkansas party is to decorate it with some fun Arkansas football trivia. Mix some Razorbacks questions and answers throughout your tableware and decorations to get people talking. See which guests are the most knowledgeable of your football fans. Have fun with the trivia, and your guests will also. Below are some examples to get you started.

In what year did Arkansas football first form their football team?

The Razorbacks (then called the Arkansas Cardinals) first formed their football team in 1894.

Who was the Razorbacks football team’s first ever head coach?

John Futrall was the Razorbacks’ first coach

In what season, did the Arkansas football team change their nickname from Cardinals to Razorbacks?

1910 was the first season where the football team played as the Razorbacks. Rumor has it that then head coach Hugo Bezdek described his popular team as “like a wild band of razorback hogs” and the name stuck.

Who is the all-time career passing yards leader for the Arkansas Razorbacks?

Ryan Mallet holds the all-time passing record with 7,493 passing yards for his career.

Who’s career passing record did Ryan Mallet break to become the number #1 passing leader?

Mallett beat Clint Stoerner’s record of 7,422 career passing yards.

Have a great time at your Arkansas themed bash! Whether you throw in some trivia or not, it’s up to you, but plan ahead and have a good time. And, most importantly, don’t forget to include our wonderful Arkansas Razorbacks party supplies!