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Mustache theme party supplies are a fantastic way to help celebrate the silliness and fun of your Mustache themed event. Take your party back to the 1800’s with our amusing selection of mustache party favors, stick-on mustaches, mustache decorations and more. Plan the perfect Movember party or any mustache themed gathering with the addition of our wonderful selection of Mustache party supplies!

Mustache Party Supplies, Movember Party Supplies

Bring out your silly side with our super selection of Mustache party supplies and Mustache favors! Create a fun, old timey feeling for your upcoming bash with our mustache plates, mustache napkins, cups, decorations and more! Looking for something to decorate your Movember fundraiser? Look no further. Our Movember party supplies have got you and your guests covered. Make your mustachioed gathering a huge success with the help of all of our fabulous mustache party supplies!

Mustache Party Activities

Planning a mustache themed birthday party, mustache baby shower or other fun mustachioed celebration can be a lot of fun. You’ve acquired the necessary mustache party supplies. You’ve prepared some themed foods like mustache shaped cookies and a mustache styled cake. But, what sorts of party activities should you organize for your guests? Below are a few of our suggestions for some mustache party activities that you and your guests should enjoy.

Mustache Photo Booth

Part of the fun of dressing up is seeing and showing off how silly you look. Of course, you can take photos of your guests wearing mustaches, but it’s even more fun to take it a step further and set up your own photo booth. It’s really pretty easy, and everyone should love it.

The best way (and maybe the hardest part) to prepare your mustache party photo booth is to find a large box to serve as your booth. Create a hole so that you can take pictures inside of the booth, and add some old-timey looking wallpaper as the background (some sort of damask print should look great). If you can add some old-fashioned style signs letting everyone know where the photo booth is located.

If you can’t find a big enough box, don’t worry about it. Just set up your “photo booth” in front of a couch or a set of chairs. If possible, add some old-fashioned looking props as part of the picture or drape some cloth over your couch for an artistic affect. Finally, be sure to have plenty of moustaches on hand for your guests to mix and match for numerous photos! You can use novelty mustaches (probably the easiest) or simply use mustache cutouts.

Pin the Mustache on the Photo

Another fun activity for a mustache party is “Pin the Mustache on the Photo”. As the name implies, this is a mustachioed take on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game”. For this game, blow up a photo of someone, maybe it’s you, the guest of honor, a hated celebrity, etc. and hang it on a wall. Next, blindfold your guests, spin them around and give them a self-stick mustache to place on the photo. The person who gets the moustache the closest to its proper place wins the game.

Have a Great Time at Your Mustache Party!

Mustache parties are a charming way to celebrate a number of special occasions. From birthday parties to Movember parties to little man mustache parties, the cute and silly mustache party can be a lot of fun for everyone. Plan ahead, and make your upcoming mustache party the best it can be with the help of our wonderful mustache party supplies!