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Hangover Party Supplies, Hangover Cocktail Party Supplies

Hangover party supplies are a great way to add character and fun to your next celebration. Whether celebrating a cocktail party, Vegas themed event, barbecue, poker night or some other fun occasion, your guests will love this Hangover theme. Our Hangover plates, napkins and other Hangover party supplies are the perfect addition to your cool and colorful get together!

Hangover Movie Trivia Fun

You probably love the movie The Hangover if you’re here. Or, maybe you just have significant other who loved the movie and you’re just here to make them happy. The movie is certainly a crude and vulgar comedy, but also pretty funny (if that’s your taste). Anyway, like we said, you’re here. So, why don’t we ask you some Hangover trivia questions and see if you can answer them.

At what Las Vegas hotel do the characters in The Hangover stay in?

The characters stay at Caesar’s Palace.

How much money are the characters in The Hangover accused of taking?

The trio of characters is accused of taking $80,000.

What is the name of the naked man found in the trunk?

The naked man in the trunk is named Leslie Chow

At what casino game do the characters win over $82,000 to pay off their debt?

Alan uses his card counting expertise to win the money at Blackjack.

What is the name and occupation of the girl Stu marries while in Las Vegas?

Stu marries the stripper Jade.

Instead of their Mercedes, what type of car does the valet deliver to the characters the morning after the bachelor party?

The valet delivers a police cruiser

The Hangover is one of those movies that you appreciate a little more if you’re a guy who has hung out with other guys in Las Vegas. Enjoy the above trivia, enjoy your special occasion and enjoy our fantastic Hangover party supplies!