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Disney Villains Party Supplies, Disney Villains Cocktail Party Supplies

Who’s been wicked and who’s been nice? Find out when you add these wickedly funny Disney Villains party supplies to your next friendly gathering. Whether planning a dinner party, cocktail party, girls’ night out, or some other wicked function, your guests will be sure to find these party plates and napkins fun and entertaining. Make your next get-together a little more villainous with the help of the fantastic Disney Villains party supplies!

Disney Villains Trivia Fun

The list of Disney Villains is a long one. From the aptly named Evil Queen from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the more Sid Phillips from Toy Story, we love to hate Disney Villains. An interesting thing that a study from BYU pointed out is that the majority of villains in Disney features are 55 years old or older. We’re not sure what that says, but thought it was interesting. Anyway, below are some Disney Villains trivia for you to see if you can answer.

What is the Evil Queen’s huntsman follower’s name who is ordered to kill Snow White, but cannot do it, and tells Snow White of the Queen’s plans instead?

Humbert is the Evil Queen’s huntsman

What is the name of the Disney Villain and evil doctor from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog?

Doctor Facilier

What does Sid Phillips, the 13 year old neighbor in Toy Story, want to strap onto first Woody and then later Buzz Lightyear?

Sid would like nothing better than to strap a rocket to Buzz and Woody.

Besides being named after a so-so selection that was always on the cafeteria menu in my college days, what is the Disney Villain Stromboli best known for in Pinocchio?

Stromboli is best known for locking Pinocchio in a cage and threatening to turn him into firewood.

In The Little Mermaid, what are Ursula’s (the half sea witch/half octopus Disney Villain) twin moray eel helpers’ names?

The twin eels are named Flotsam and Jetsam

What is Cruella de Vil’s (from 101 Dalmations) net worth mentioned as?

6 million pounds.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our trivia. And, hopefully you have fun and enjoy your Disney Villains party supplies at your next cocktail party, birthday or other gathering. Have a great time whatever you’re planning!