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Bingo Party Supplies for your Bingo Fan!

Whether you’re planning a mega bingo fundraiser or simply need some cool bingo party supplies for your next family reunion, you’ll love our fantastic bingo tableware! Fun and colorful bingo plates, napkins for cleanup and decorative bingo cups for your drinks highlight our wonderful bingo pattern. Serve snacks and more to your players in exciting bingo style with the addition of all our amazing bingo party supplies!

Bingo Fundraising for Charities

Running a bingo for charities can be hard work, but if you know what you’re doing it can be a worthwhile fundraising endeavor for your group. Here are some quick tips if you’re considering a bingo fundraiser for your non-profit organization:

  • Get Familiar with and Understand Your State’s Bingo Laws and Rules - Most states regulate bingo in some fashion as it is a form of gambling and the stakes can get pretty high in some locations. You absolutely need to make sure you’re in compliance with your state’s laws and governing body. Often, a bingo inspector or other representative will walk you through the rules, but It is critical that you also get to know them.

  • Have a Quality Bingo Manager or Chairperson in Charge - A quality bingo manager (or chairperson) is essential to your bingo fundraiser’s success. They need to understand the rules, remain calm in group situations and, most importantly, want the bingo to succeed. They should understand their profitability and be willing to make improvements where necessary. The bingo manager is often the face of your bingo, so make sure they are doing a good job.

  • Customer Service! Customer Service! Customer Service! - Make sure your bingo is a fun event for everyone! From your bingo manager to your workers, make sure that everyone is out to create an exciting and pleasant environment for your players. Welcome new players and help them understand your bingo games. Make your players want to return, because they will be the lifeblood of your bingo fundraiser.

    We Hope You Have a Wonderful Bingo Event!

    Remember to make your bingo as fun as it can be! One way to add color and excitement is to add our vibrant bingo party supplies to your bingo event. Serve treats and other bingo fare on our adorable bingo plates, pour refreshments into our bingo cups and clean up those spills with our awesome bingo napkins. Create the perfect bingo atmosphere with the help of all of our amazing bingo party supplies!