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Breast Cancer Awareness Party Supplies or Pink Ribbon Party Supplies are a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate surviving breast cancer. Decorated with the familiar pink ribbon design and other colorful pink patterns, our fantastic pink breast cancer decorations, tableware, breast cancer bracelets, awareness breast cancer stickers, breast cancer decorations and other pretty awareness party products are a great way to highlight your big day. Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering with friends and family, or a large event or function, our breast cancer awareness party supplies will add plenty of pink to your gathering.

Breast Cancer Decorations, Breast Cancer Stickers, Breast Cancer Awareness

Show your support for a worthy cause with our Breast Cancer Awareness Party Supplies, Breast Cancer Stickers and Pink Ribbon Decorations. Introduced by the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 1991, the pink ribbon symbol was made the official symbol for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month one year later. In honor of this symbol, our breast cancer party supplies for awareness typically feature a colorful pink ribbon and/or other pink ribbon decorations. Create awareness and honor those who are battling this terrible affliction at your school fundraiser, charity walk, run, dinner or other worthy event with the help of our vibrant pink tableware, pink ribbon favors and other pink ribbon decorations.

The History of the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Susan Goodman Komen was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 1970’s. She would tragically die from the disease three years later in 1980. Susan’s sister, Nancy Goodman Brinker, felt that her sister might have fared better in her battle if patients like her knew more about the disease and its treatment. She promised Susan before her passing that she would do everything she could do to end breast cancer. In 1982, Nancy would officially found the Susan G. Komen Foundation in order to fulfill her promise.

The organization has grown over the years increasing breast cancer awareness tremendously. On the 25th anniversary of the organization (in 2007) the Susan G. Komen Foundation officially changed its name to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Later, in 2009, Nancy Goodman Brinker would be appointed CEO for the organization.

Dress Your Event in Pink

The battle to survive, and surviving breast cancer, is a heroic achievement and one worth celebrating. Our selection of awareness creating breast cancer party supplies, including breast cancer stickers, breast cancer awareness decorations, pink breast cancer bracelets, pink beaded necklaces, magenta round foil balloons and more, will create the perfect pink party setting for your breast cancer awareness function. Accent your party tables with pink polka dotted tableware and dress your event in pink with some our solid color pink offerings. Celebrate a great cause with the people you care about with the help of all of our pink ribbon party supplies.