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Stork Baby Shower Supplies, Stork Party Decorations

These charming >strong>stork baby shower supplies will lend warmth and style to your upcoming celebration. You’ll love decorating your special occasion with these adorable stork party decorations, wonderfully themed plates and matching baby shower table décor and other party essentials. Have a great time at your upcoming baby shower with the help of these wonderful stork party supplies!

Stork Birthday Party Ideas

For a unique spin on a birthday party, having a stork theme is fun and can bring a whimsical feel to any gathering. Kids will enjoy learning about this famous type of bird while playing a lot of fun games and experiencing some interesting snacks and food that will surprise and amuse them.


Pond Cake: Set out a cake with blue icing and have rocks or lily pads made of icing to make it look like a pond. Then, set a stork cake topper in the middle. This one is sure to draw attention and kids will have fun watching as you cut the cake into sections for them to eat.

Stork Cookies: Use a stork-shaped cookie cutter and set out a variety of different cookies for everyone to enjoy in between the activities.

Water Bird Punch: Make a blue colored fruit punch that is both delicious and fun. Float plastic storks and other water birds like ducks in the punch. Put a sign beside the punch bowls saying “Storks and Friends.”

Stork Food: Place gold fish, candy fish, etc. in a bowl and have a sign next to it that says “Stork Food.” Explain to all of the children that storks love to eat fish and are often found at ponds and rivers.


Stork Pinata : Everyone will enjoy batting at the bright stork piñata to see what sort of treats come bursting out for everyone to share.

Find the Stork: Hide a few stork pictures around the yard or in the room for the children to find throughout the day. Give a fun prize to each child that finds one of the stork pictures.

Stork Trivia: Host a game of trivia related to storks and their habitat. It will be a great learning experience for everyone while being fun. Hand out prizes at the end of the trivia game for each winner.

Gone Fishing: Make an old game like “tag” new again. Choose one person to be “it”. They are the stork in the game. Now, their mission is to catch as many “fish” as they can. Each time they catch someone else, this “fish” becomes a stork and helps the other stork catch more fish. The last remaining fish wins. This one is sure to be a blast with the fast pace and high energy. The kids will likely need to recharge with some water bird bunch afterwards.