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Pink and Chocolate Party Supplies, Pink and Chocolate Decorations

Pink and Chocolate party supplies are an elegant addition to any bridal shower, dinner party, informal wedding or other celebration. Beautifully designed in polka dotted pinks, this colorful and stylish tableware will add a sophisticated element to your special occasion. Make your special day stand out a little more with the help of these warm and wonderful pink and chocolate party supplies!

Chocolate Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a lot of chocolate? No matter how big you obsession with chocolate is, you’re bound to get your fix with a proper chocolate party. Put a smile on everyone’s face with these fun suggestions.


Devil’s Cake: Nothing says chocolate like a delicious devil’s cake. Add even more to the theme by giving the cake some chocolate icing and chocolate chips. Don’t think that you can only stick to milk chocolate, though, as white chocolate will give off a nice, smooth flavor. Dark chocolate can also add a more “mature” taste to the cake if you so desire.


Chocolate Roulette: Do you dare to test your luck? Grab a plate and set some chocolates in a circle on top of it. Make sure that they are all the same shape and size (this can easily be done if you make the chocolate yourself) and tell everyone the rules. Two players take turns and grab a piece of chocolate, only one of which is actually very bitter (or salty.) Watch the fun unfold as people react to the losing piece of chocolate. See who has the best luck in this game of chance!

Color with Chocolate Pudding: If you don’t mind things getting a little messy, there is a very fun way to play with some chocolate pudding. You can use this instead of paint and let kids go wild on the canvas. Since this can get very messy very fast, it’s much better to take this project outside on a hot summer day. Kids can really let loose and play with pudding in a way they never have before, and a simple wash up is all it takes to clean up. Put the kids in bathing suits and let them play outside for a super simple cleanup process.

Make your own Chocolate: Let everyone have their own chocolate with this fun and simple activity. Simply take some chocolate chips and melt them in a metal bowl over some boiling water, mixing frequently to prevent burning. Once the chocolate is melted, pour it into a silicone mold and let everyone choose their own chocolate toppings. After all the chocolate is properly topped, put the mold in the fridge for 45 minutes and then enjoy!

Keep your party sweet by providing the most chocolate has to offer. Don’t forget the essential party supplies to bring the whole theme together!