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Our adorable Whale Party Supplies for boys are the perfectly precious theme for your special boy. There’s not just whales found on this fun tableware. There’s also a jolly octopus that shows up from time to time on the ocean-styled party products. Whether planning a birthday, baby shower or some other special event, these whale party supplies are a charming addition that will leave your guests smiling.

The Anatomy of a Whale

By now, most people are aware that whales are mammals, and so they breathe air like you and me. This also means that they are warm-blooded and milk feed their babies. Believe it or not, they also have body hair.

The Blowhole

One of the whale’s most distinctive features (besides their huge size) is their blowholes. Whales breathe through the blowhole which is located on the top of the whale so that they can remain mostly underwater while breathing. Whales expel water from the blowhole before breathing in the outside air. Some whales even have two blowholes.

Whale Teeth

Unlike people, whales teeth (the ones that have them) are composed of mostly of cementum outside their gums. People’s teeth are covered with enamel. Only when the cementum has worn away can you see a whale’s underlying enamel over their teeth.

Whale Ears

Believe it or not, whales draw in sound from their throats. Whereas humans and most other mammals draw in sound from the outer ear to the inner ear, sound moves through the throat to the inner ear in a whale. This may be why all of the whales I’ve ever had a conversation with leave their mouths open as I’ve talked.

Whale Fins and Appendages

The Whale’s fins are paddle-shaped. It propels itself with its tail which is composed of two flukes. Some whales have difficult to see simplified legs that may even possess feet with toes.

Make Your Next Party A Whale Party!

Our cute whale party supplies (for boys) theme is an awesome addition to your baby shower or birthday party. So adorable! Your guests will love it!