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Lamb Baby Shower Supplies, Sheep Party Supplies

Welcome your new Ba Ba Baby with the warmth and love found in these charming Lamb baby shower supplies. Ivory, pistachio and gold decorate these wonderful lamb and cloud covered plates, napkins, invitations, party decorations, favors, balloons and other lamb themed party items. Decorate your party tables and interior in cozy style with the addition of these so adorable sheep party supplies.

What’s the Difference Between a Sheep and a Lamb?

This is a great question, and one we honestly had to look up ourselves. One might even ask what’s the difference between lamb party supplies (or baby shower) and sheep party supplies. Basically a lamb is a young sheep. We see tow similar answers out there. After the lamb receives its first shear or clipping, it is called a sheep. Or, after the lamb turns a year old, it is called a sheep.

Okay Then, What’s the Difference Between Lamb and Mutton?

This is another one we had to look up. At some point, older sheep stop being sheep and become mutton. We’re not exactly sure at what age this occurs. We do know that mutton generally is tougher than lamb or sheep to eat, and in the past mutton was fed to overseas servicemen due to its relatively inexpensive nature. As a result of being fed a lot of tough mutton, it may have declined in popularity after military men returned home.

Sheep and Lamb Facts

- Sheep generally are happiest when with their flocks and can become stressed when they find themselves on their own.

- Sheep are able to recognize both sheep and human faces, and are able to remember them for many years.

- Sheep are sometimes thought to be of low intelligence, but they are about as smart as cattle. This means that they can often learn their names and can be trained for domestic purposes.

- Sheep have a gestation period of around 5 months. Most sheep will give birth to one lamb or twin lambs, although there are some breeds that can produce a larger litter.

- A version of sheep called “hair sheep” doesn’t grow any wool. They tend to be raised by farmers who raise them as food and for their pelts.

Have a great time at your lamb baby shower! This adorable theme is sure to be popular with you and your guests. If you throw a party using these fantastic sheep party supplies, let us know how they things went. We’d love to hear from you.