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Giraffe Print Party Supplies, Giraffe Birthday Party

Our giraffe print party supplies are an elegant way to decorate your next get-together. If you’re planning a baby shower, birthday, wedding, bridal shower dinner party or some other stylish affair, these giraffe print plates and other tableware will set a sophisticated tone for your special occasion. Make your get-together a little more special with the assistance of these beautiful giraffe party supplies.

Wow, the Giraffe Sure Has a Long Neck

The Giraffe is the tallest terrestrial animal in the world, primarily because of its long neck. This neck often exceeds six feet in length. The length of the neck is mostly due to a disproportionate lengthening of the cervical vertebrae, and not from more vertebrae as one might guess. So, why is the giraffe’s neck so long? There are two main hypotheses regarding this.

The “competing browsers hypothesis” was first introduced by Charles Darwin. Basically, this theory states that the giraffe had competition from other “browsers” or animals that ate from the same plants and trees as the giraffe. To beat these other browsers out for food, the giraffes neck grew larger over time through natural selection. This allowed them to reach plants and trees that their competition couldn’t which allowed the giraffe to survive.

There is certainly truth in the idea that giraffes can reach food that other animals can’t. In the shorter underbrush there is much more competition for food. And, with the giraffe’s neck length, they are often able to reach food that no other animals can easily access.

The other, more recent, theory dealing with the giraffe’s neck is called the “sexual selection hypothesis”. This theory suggests that the giraffe necks evolved as a secondary sexual characteristic. Necks can be used as weapons and to establish dominance amongst giraffes. Longer and heavier necks can establish the order of dominance amongst giraffes.

Which theory is correct? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that our giraffe print party supplies are a sophisticated way to decorate your next celebration. Add these giraffe party supplies to your next special occasion and you and your guests will love how they look.