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Elephant Party Supplies: Elephant Party Invitations, Party Favors, and Party Decorations.

Adorable elephants trumpet across the safari (or in this case your dinner plates), with these charming Elephant baby shower supplies. These cute party items are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a precious new little girl! Or, mix and match tableware and other products to create a festive atmosphere for a 1st birthday or other special event.

By: ST from Atlanta, GA
"Threw a small baby shower for my sister in law, and we decided to decorate with this cute theme. Everyone loved it."
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Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)
Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

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Elephant Baby Shower Supplies, Elephant Party Supplies

Elephant Baby Shower Supplies are a cute and whimsical way to add adorable style to your baby shower or other special event. Pink safari stripes and pink giraffe spots lend color and sophistication to these charming elephant decorated party plates, cups, napkins, decorations, favors and other shower items. Make your special day a little more special and trumpet your upcoming arrival with the help of these wonderful elephant baby shower supplies!

Elephants and their Babies

A big part of a female Elephant’s life revolves around giving birth to and raising their offspring. Females are first ready to breed around the age of thirteen. Males are alerted to this fact by certain smells and calls of the female.

Female elephants are pregnant for around 22 months (are you kidding me!), after which they give birth to a single baby (called a calf). The newborn elephants (like humans and other more intelligent species) have a relatively long developmental phase. The elephant babies are born with very few survival instincts and must be taught by their mothers how to survive. For instance, baby elephants are born blind.

New calves receive a lot of attention by the entire elephant herd. Elephants will gather around the newborns, caressing them with their trunks. Female elephants, in particular, look after the babies. Several elephants (along with the mother of course) will act as babysitters. Elephants too old or unable to have their own calves for various reasons, will act as allomothers. These allomothers help insure the survival of the herd by watching over the young and allowing the mothers to take care of themselves by eating properly.

Elephant Baby Shower Design

Have a wonderful time with our “oh so cute” elephant baby shower design. You and your guests will love these adorable elephants found on this stylish tableware. Have a great time on your big day, and be sure to include our adorable elephant party supplies.