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Rubber Duckies are extremely fun! Whether using rubber duckies for charitable events (derby duck races), birthday favors, cute decorations for a baby shower or for some other special occasion, you’ll love our wonderful selection of these cute, yellow favorites. There are plenty of colorful options including pink rubber ducks, rainbow rubber ducks and others. You’ll have a great time at your rubber duckies themed occasion with our fantastic assortment!

The History of the Rubber Duck

Rubber ducks appeared here and there after the advent of rubber manufacturing, but they became especially popular after the Sesame Street character Ernie began to sing about it. Voiced by Muppet creator Jim Henson, Ernie performed the song “Rubber Duckie” in 1970, and began carrying and speaking to a rubber duck in some parts of the show.

Since that time a number of differently themed rubber ducks have been created. Ducks styled for various professions (like construction workers, doctors and astronaut ducks), for animals (dog and cat ducks, if that makes any sense), and for sporting events (football, baseball, volleyball and more) are just some of the many types of these fun and squeezable fowls. It’s even been reported that Queen Elizabeth II has decorated a bathroom with a rubber duck adorned with an inflatable crown.

Rubber Duck Races or Derby Duck Races

Derby duck races have been a method for charitable fundraising for years. In most case, people are asked to donate money to sponsor a duck or ducks. The sponsor’s name is put on their duck(s) and once the day of the derby race is reached, all of the ducks are dumped into a waterway at the same time and “race” downstream. The winning duck is the first to float past the finish line.

Perhaps the best known and one of the biggest rubber duck races is the Freestore Foodbank Rubber Duck Regatta which takes place annually in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was first begun in 1994, and has raised millions of dollars for their charity. Some other big derby duck races in the United States are the Great Knoxville Rubber Duck Race locate in (you guessed it!) Knoxville, Tennessee, and the Aspen Ducky Derby which take s place in Aspen, Colorado. There are other big, annual derby races located in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere as well.

Discount Rubber Duckies, Cheap Rubber Ducks

We love rubber duckies! For the largest assortment in discount rubber duckies, you can’t beat our vast and fun selection. If by some chance, you can’t find the type of ducks you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find out their availability. And, remember, our duckies aren’t cheap in quality, just cheap in price.