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Our cheap party hats may be cheap in price, but their quality meets or exceeds industry standards. Of course, we are just talking about paper party hats for the most part. You know, the mostly, cone-shaped kind with the single rubber band that everyone straps on their heads for a fun party picture? Yes, those party hats! We’ve got a ton of selection in this traditional party staple, ranging from a variety of licensed themes to more everyday themed hats and solid colors.

Would You Believe that Party Hats Originated from the Dunce Cap?

First off, yes the dunce cap was a real thing. It was known as a dunce hat, dunce’s hat or dunce cap and was given primarily to kids who misbehaved at school. You were more likely to be told to wear a dunce cap and told to stand in a corner for acting up as opposed to failing a test. In that sense, a dunce cap was more of a method for teaching proper behavior than for punishing academic failure.

The word “dunce” derives from the Scholastic and beatified Franciscan John Duns Scotus whose adherents were known as “dunsmen”. John Duns Scotus wrote on a variety of subjects and his writings became used in British textbooks. With the onset of the English Renaissance, new learning and a number of new teachings began to replace the works of Duns Scotus. However, his followers did not accept change easily, and were eventually ridiculed by the humanists for their stance. This eventually led to the modern meaning of “dunce”.

Eventually, party hats became more fashionable at birthday parties and other celebrations. The wearers were allowed a little more freedom, or to act a little more crazily, due to the nature of the event. In other words, they were allowed to demonstrate a bit more of the behavior that might lead to the dunce cap in the classroom. This is likely why today’s party hats are mostly cone-shaped like a dunce cap.