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Small rubber balls make great party favors and can be used for a variety of party activities. I don’t know of a kid anywhere that doesn’t enjoy taking a small rubber ball and launching it as hard as they can against a sidewalk or driveway and then watching the results. Bigger rubber balls are great for kickball, dodgeball (kids are still allowed to play that right?) or other exciting games. What we’re saying is that kids love rubber balls and we’ve got a huge selection of inexpensive bouncy ball party favors for you to choose from!

Where Did the Earliest Rubber Balls Appear?

The first rubber balls known to man showed up sometime around 1400 B.C. in Central America. They were used in a popular sport throughout the region which has become known as the “Mesoamerican ballgame”. The rules of this game have never been found, but it is likely that it was comparable to an outside version of racquetball. Ballcourts for this game, varying in size but all featuring long alleys and walls to bounce the balls off of, have been discovered throughout the region.

Balls for the game were made of solid rubber (most made from latex sap of the Castilla elastic trees found throughout the region) varied in size tremendously depending on the region and the time of their existence. Some of these balls weighed as much as nearly 10 pounds. Again, depending on the style of game and region, players would often be allowed to hit the balls with parts of their body or rackets during play.

There was much symbolism involved in the different parts of this game. The game represented war and was seen as a symbolic contest between day and night or life and death. Fertility themes show up in the costumes depicted on players. Finally, the balls used in the games were seen as symbols of the sun with the scoring rings viewed as sunrise and sunset.

Today, of course, rubber balls are a kids’ favorite and are found everywhere. There’s likely not a school playground in America that doesn’t have a few of those red rubber kickballs on hand. Rubber balls are fun, are popular and make wonderful party favors for kids’ parties everywhere.