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Kids Temporary Tattoos, Kids Tattoos, Temporary Tattoo Ideas

Kids temporary tattoos are an exciting staple of birthday parties everywhere. Of course, kids tattoos aren’t just for birthday parties. They are frequently used at annual fairs, kids days, art fairs and other special occasions. In fact, the temporary tattoo/face-painting tent where kids can add some fun-filled color, is likely one of the more popular locations at celebrations of all kinds. Add some excitement to your next celebration with our wonderful selection of kids tattoos!

History of Temporary Tattoos

Ever wonder where temporary tattoos come from? No? Well, too bad, we’re going to tell you. While we’re not sure who developed the first temporary tattoos, we do know that they first became popular as the free gift in a bubble gum purchase. These first temporary tattoos were pretty poor in quality, transferring poorly and creating blurry lines. Still, they were a popular part of a bubble gum purchase for kids and they became a regular part of kids activities.

Today’s modern temporary tattoos are much improved over the tattoos of the bubble gum age. The images are more colorful and transfer much easier. Further, the final transferred image generally avoids the blurry lines of smears of their tattoo predecessors.

Temporary tattoos of today are often used for both children and adults. They are sold in a variety of locations and can range from your typical kids tattoo of a much-loved cartoon character to some very cutting-edge designs applied by experts. Advances in ink and screen printing have increased the quality and allowed temporary tattoos to become amazingly elaborate.

Kids tattoos make wonderful party favors, activities for long car trip and/or a fun distraction for a part of the day. Whether you’re looking for superhero tattoos, animal tattoos, character tattoos or some other style, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in our vast selection of kids temporary tattoos.